Krispy Kreme comes to Maine

What’s tan and sticky with a hole in the middle? Krispy Kreme donuts, duh. And what’s better, Krispy Kreme is coming to Maine; three locations in Maine to be exact.

Remember when Krispy Kreme came to New England  for the first time? We were about 10-years-old, obsessed with the dinky paper hats, and all around hopped up on sugar. Krispy Kreme was an epic new venture, which, shortly after admitting defeat to the big guy, Dunkin’ Donuts, packed up and went back to where it came from.

Currently, the closest Krispy Kreme shops to Colby are in Quebec City and Connecticut, with the Mohegan Sun location being the only one in New England. NH Glazed LLC, owned by Cort Mendez, will be franchising the popular donut shop both in New Hampshire and in Maine. Mendez previously owned 10 franchises of popular burger chain, 5 Guys, which he recently sold.

Currently, there are over 400 Krispy Kreme locations in 41 states nationwide. With the Maine and New Hampshire additions, Krispy Kreme hopes to expand its reach into New England, a market in which it failed in the early 2000s. Possible locations in Maine include Bangor, Augusta, Biddeford, Portland, and South Portland as stated in an article in the Bangor Daily News.

Waterville, therefore, is seemingly overlooked. Yet, with the highest concentration of fast food chains in the state, one would think an addition would be welcomed in the saturated market we know so well as Kennedy Memorial Drive.

Krispy Kreme is not the only donut chain making waves in recent news. Tim Hortons is closing many of its locations in the northeast, creating a new hole (pardon the pun) in the donut economy. We’ve still got Tim’s in Waterville, so perhaps that is why there may not be a Krispy Kreme. There are also four Dunkin’ Donuts’ in the area, further removing the need for an additional donut shop.

Just days before the Krispy Kreme reveal, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that they are planning on expanding to the West Coast, an untapped market for the New England staple. Each chain has its hot market ­­— Tim Hortons in Canada, Dunkin’ Donuts in New England, and Krispy Kreme in the South and West. With the co-mingling of chains in pre-established markets, the donut economy is getting competitive.

These openings will not be happening tomorrow, but rather  a few years down the road, providing room for the Waterville market to adjust accordingly. If you’re not already drawn to Augusta for Chipotle, Panera, and Target, the possibility of a Krispy Kreme could be the deciding factor.

Regardless of whether you prefer Dunks, Tim’s, or Krispy Kreme, there will be more donuts than we know what to do with in Maine. Battle of the Donuts: On.

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