Jitney service responds to more damaged vehicles

The “Colby Vomiter” struck again. After another deep cleaning of the Jitney, a Colby-operated transportation service that travels throughout the greater Waterville area, the school has enacted several rules regarding student conduct inside the vehicle, according to a General Announcement from Ariel Camacho ’16.

Firstly, in order to prevent future occurrences of vomiting, there will now be a fine of up to $100 for the detailing of the car. Additionally, Jitney drivers are now required to call Security after someone throws up inside of the Jitney.

Secondly, the Jitney driver will now be responsible for limiting the vehicle occupancy to its legal maximum. The maximum amount of occupants will be no greater than the amount of seatbelts in the car. This is in response to past instances in which riders would attempt to fit more in the Jitney than legally allowed.

Another change in policy, students will no longer be able to take the Jitney for a ride through the drive-thru of fast food restaurants, as these rides take up too much time and defeat the purpose of the pick-up, drop-off nature of the campus amenity. And finally, there will be no alcohol permitted in the vehicle as the responsibility would fall on the driver, in the case that the car be pulled over by police.

The College is urging students to respect the Jitney and its driver as a convenience and colleague at Colby. The Jitney is not something to be abused. These changes in policy align with the College’s constant emphasis on reducing dorm damage and increasing student respect of College property. “Be A Mule, Not An Ass,” even in the Jitney.

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