Interview with Harris Kim: Colby’s Candy Man

Echo (E): When did you start passing out candy?

Kim (K): Last year’s Halloween

E: Why did you start passing out candy?

K: It was exam days, and I’m a very active person, I hate just sitting around doing nothing, or just staring at a bare screen, and I want to just walk around campus, and I knew people probably feel the same thing too. They probably feel very emotionally exhausted from just looking at a notebook, or just reading their textbook chapter after chapter, that’s what I think, and I was like, “I want to make people feel a little happy,” you know, even though it’s not such a giant deal. I wanted to hand out candy or something to people, you know, because I want to feel good, and making other people feel a little happy makes me a little happy too.

E: Where do you buy your candy?

K: Walmart.

E: How often do you restock your candy supply?

K: About once every two weeks.

E: Where do you pass out candy?

K: Just around campus, pretty much around the library mostly.

E: Who do you give candy to?

K: Generally everybody, but it’s more often my friends, like my swimming friends or my classmates, or just anyone I know. It’s just that I don’t like going up to random people, asking them if they want candy and giving them the wrong impression, but generally if you just ask me I would say yes, you can have one. There’s no selection or anything, I’m just a very shy guy.

E: Do you have anything else to say about passing out candy?

K: I don’t mean to be famous or known for this, I just want people to feel good about stuff. There’s a lot of people that ask me why I do this, I generally tell them I have no idea. Maybe it’s because of many things, maybe it’s because I want to be considered nicer to other people, rather than being someone who has an ulterior motive to anything. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to remind myself of the notion that you shouldn’t be someone that lives by ulterior motives, you should be someone who just wants to be simple, and try to look after your neighbors, try to look after your friends, try to look after people you’re living here [at Colby] with.

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