Hipnotik prepares to perform this Thursday

Today and Friday, Hipnotik will put on its first show of the semester in Page Commons. Hipnotik is one of Colby’s two dance teams; featuring women of all class years, and incorporating many different kinds of dance including jazz and hip-hop. Their show this year, directed by a guest choreographer, will incorporate belly dancing. The Echo spoke with Hipnotik members Erin Whitney ’17, Emma Keuhn ’17, Eliza Adams ’18, Martha Brainard ’18, Carolyn Harney ’19, Liz Swain ’19, Jen Rosenthal ’20, Joelle Young ’18, and Jacqueline Woo ’20 to discuss their favorite parts of being on the team, and what it means to them. Christina Cobb ’17, consolidated their replies.

The Echo: What’s the group dynamic like?

Hipnotik: Hipnotik is a very close-knit team. There is always a constant flow of energy due to everyone’s enthusiasm for dance practice. We are like a little family with a shared love of dance and each other. We are a  support system for each other, not just in terms of growing as dancers, but also in our personal and academic lives, adjusting to, and living our lives at Colby. Our team bonds last way beyond graduation! In fact, we have a very active group of alumni who still come to visit and will be attending our show this week!

The Echo: What do you do in rehearsals?

Hipnotik: Our dances are entirely student choreographed, so each week, a different member of the team teaches their choreography to the team. We rehearse four times a week for two hours and finish a dance every five practices. We strive to stay in shape and work on our dance technique, but also are able to express ourselves creatively with a wide range of dance interests and styles being presented and rehearsed. We also have the privilege of sharing the aerobics studio with the Crew team for many of our practices, so it is always nice to have an audience letting us know how our work looks. Overall, our rehearsals are a time for us all to de-stress and enjoy each other’s company while dancing!

The Echo: Do you guys have new first-years?

Hipnotik: After a really competitive audition period in September, we were able to take on a talented pair of first-years who have become very strong members of our team. Jacqueline Woo and Jen Rosenthal have been awesome and talented additions, and they have both choreographed pieces that will be showcased in our show!

The Echo: What’s your show like this week?

Hipnotik: We have an incredibly eclectic mix of dances this semester. Six of our team members were able to choreograph pieces ranging from lyrical to jazz to smooth hip hop. We were also lucky to have a special guest choreographer, Soraya Doherty, who came up from Boston to teach us a traditional belly dancing piece with veils. This is our first foray into belly dance, and it will be a colorful and entertaining piece for the audience to enjoy!

The Echo: What’s been the hardest part preparing for it?

Hipnotik: Preparing for our show has taken a lot of time and effort by everyone on the team, but we have so much fun together that it has all been worth it. Trying to publicize and encourage Colby students and members of the Waterville community to come out to the show is sometimes a challenge, but we are so looking forward to everyone who will make it out to see us on Thursday and Friday.

The Echo: What’s your favorite hipnotik memory?

Hipnotik: MOVIE NIGHTS!!!

That time we performed on Strider freshman year (2014) for our Spring showcase and so many people came and it was amazing!!!

Every time I see a member outside of practice, my day is made!!

We love getting together on Friday nights and watching old YouTube videos of the team! The videos go way back to when the team was founded.

The Echo: What do you do outside of practice?

Hipnotik: We have team dinners every week which are always a fun time to catch up with everyone outside of practice. We are also known for getting together on Saturday nights, staying in and watching rom coms and laughing for hours on end.

The Echo: What is it like being on the team?

Hipnotik: I (Cobb) cannot express enough how lucky I feel to be on Hipnotik with such lovely women. If anyone of us is feeling down, without a doubt one of the members of the team will be there to pick you right back up again. Yes, it is wonderful to get together to dance four times a week, but it is even more wonderful knowing that I have nine wonderful faces to look forward to at the end of a stressful day.

The show will be in Page Commons on November 10 & 11 at 7:30. The show will also feature performances by Blue Lights, EVE, Mayflower Chill, Mediocre, and Vuvuzela. Come show your support!

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