Getting toasty in Waterville

Waterville’s newest restaurant, Toast Xpress, is the talk of Colby’s campus. Toast Xpress opened in late September in the former Glass Express building in the popular Waterville business park, Railroad Square. The cafe has a unique menu, primarily offering various types of toast and assorted beverages. The space is open and bright, with pictures of Colby’s downtown and framed quotes about toast on the walls.

Toast Xpress is owned by three Waterville families, the Scotts, the Gerards and the Michauds. All three families are active participants in the area’s business scene, with the Gerards and the Michauds owning Big G’s Deli. Toast Xpress makes a point to source from local businesses, with all of their bread coming from Big G’s, their coffee from Kingfield’s Carrabassett Coffee, and local pastries, including donuts, from Hillman’s Bakery in Fairfield. Toast Xpress also offers gluten free bread from Portland’s Bam Bam bakery.

It is clear that Toast Xpress is already a hit with local students from Colby, Thomas, KVCC and nearby high schools are flocking to the restaurant for its affordable prices and welcoming environment. On an early Friday morning, a dozen Colby students were enjoying breakfast, eating alongside Waterville residents and a group of local high school students. William Ware ’17 said, “This is my first time here and I love it. The food is extremely affordable and well made, perfect for a college student’s budget. I highly recommend anything with nutella.” He loved it so much he came back for lunch in the same day.

Toast offers a diverse menu, with options ranging from the “Avocado smash” to a sweeter twist on the traditional serving of “French Toast”. It also offers more substantial options, like the “Pony Xpress”, with a housemade cheese spread, sausage, bacon, cheddar and a BBQ sauce. When asked about the inspiration behind Toast Xpress and their menu, part owner Holly Gerard said “the inspiration to create Toast Xpress came from the desire to take one of the most basic breakfast items (toast) and elevate it. We looked at what others around the world have been successful with, e.g. milk toast, took classics, and also concocted our own.”

Photo courtesy of Hannah Hearn '17

Photo courtesy of Hannah Hearn ’17

Colby Echo editorial staff decided to try out the restaurant for themselves, trying a variety of menu options and soaking in the ambiance. Kiernan Somers, Co-Editor in Chief, said “The Pony Xpress was a delightful culinary surprise and I would definitely recommend it to Colby students.”

It is clear that Toast Xpress has a long and successful future ahead in Waterville, but its owners have bigger plans. When asked what’s next for Toast Xpress, Gerard replied “We do plan on opening more locations.”

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