Faces of Colby: New Printer Brings Joy to Colby Campus

There is a new printer in Pulver Pavilion, and it arrived just in time for Admitted Students weekend—yet another reason for the prospective students to choose Colby. The printer was replaced last Tuesday, after several enfeebled months. According to Administrative Assistant of Campus Life Danielle Hague, it was time. “It seemed like the printer was jamming every other day,” Hague remarked.

As the overseer of the Info Desk, the desk in the Spa where campus visitors can find directions, desk workers can play music, and students running to class can print last-minute papers, it was Hague who spearheaded the printer replacement. She talked to Information Technology Services (ITS), which assessed the situation and concluded that the printer did indeed need to be replaced. The new printer is one of several ITS had on hand in storage.

And now look at it, out there for the whole student body to use. Go on, print something. You won’t be the only one. Through the peak hours of late morning, around ten people per hour use the printer, by the estimate of Info Desk staffer Julia Nelson ’19. Of the old printer, Nelson said it jammed far too much. And the new one? Well it’s been running smooth as butter. No more jams.

“This is big,” remarked Hague, lightheartedly. But Hague isn’t finished yet. “Next year, I’d like to get two printers for the computer by the Cotter Union post office.” Here’s to hoping those plans come to fruition.

The class of 2021 may know a different Colby than we do. By the time they graduate there will be a new athletic complex, with Maine’s first 50 meter pool, and who knows how many printers in Cotter Union. This is a period of growth— a dynamic time— but one thing is definite. There is a new laser printer in the Cotter Union, and it’s waiting for you to print.

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