The Early Bird Charm

It may seem illogical to pay for breakfast outside of Colby when you can eat for free right on campus. However, when it comes to places like Early Bird restaurant, the $8 you spend pays for more than just a plate of banana chocolate chip pancakes and a cup of coffee. When you pay for breakfast at Early Bird, you pay for the ambience that supplements the delicious food. 

If you go to Early Bird on a Saturday morning, you’ll see plenty of elderly people. Some sit in large groups, some in couples, and some  just sit alone. Some of them are cheerful, laughing as they sip their coffee and eat their buttered toast, while others are more serious- a bit sad even. If you watch them long enough, you may start to wonder about them. What are their stories? Why is the old man sitting alone in the corner? Was he once married?

Some of the elderly are thoroughly excited to see college students come through the doors. To them, we are mere children who still have most of our lives and experiences on the horizon. Sure, we might be competent in the use of phones and computers, but we haven’t experienced what they have. We haven’t been married and had kids. We haven’t been divorced, lost a job, or continued to live on as our friends and family leave this world. No, to them we are quite innocent and abound in the blessings of youth.

If you talk to those who are happy to see you, you’ll find that they are not much different from us. Yes, they have white hair and wrinkled skin, but their spirits parallel our own. Once upon a time, they too drank, flirted, and skinny-dipped. Observing and talking to these people is a large part of what makes an Early Bird breakfast so special. 

Someday, if we’re lucky, we too will be wrinkled and old, enjoying our weekend breakfast at a place like Early Bird, and perhaps will see young college students come through the front doors. We will probably think about how they remind us of ourselves when we were young not so long ago. And maybe… just maybe… some of them will talk to us, and we can tell them our stories and they can tell us theirs.

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