Drinking Blue Moon isn’t cool

Now, I need to get something off my chest: I see a ton of guys and gals drinking “craft” beer nowadays, which is great. It’s cool to see so many people not buying “Natty” Light and instead opting for something with a little more pizazz. I’m 100% sure that if we told some college dude in the 80’s that people would bring six packs of witbier to a party, they’d probably say something like, “Eat my shorts.” It’s great to see people starting to care about what they drink and enjoying what they’re drinking.

But let’s go all the way with this. I see so many people here at Colby drinking, like, Blue Moon or Shock Top—two witbiers produced by some of the largest breweries (not craft) on the planet. I’m guessing these people think it’s craft, and who can blame them? They cost more, come in a weird bottle, and look fancy, but let’s not kid ourselves. By buying these beers, you are still putting money in someone’s hand whom you will never know and who will probably use it to buy their next Escalade.

This probably isn’t ideal, right? It’d be dope if you could put that money into someone else’s pocket. Like someone who needs it to make more beer, instead of using it to donate more money to Exeter so that their kid can go there in 2020.

So where to go from here? It’s all fine and dandy that you now know those two beers are not quite “craft”. Now, where could you get that wheaty coriander goodness that defines those two beers? Gneiss (pronounced “Nice”) Weiss is that beer. Weiss is a hefeweizen-style beer made in a very similar style to the aforementioned witbiers. Weiss pours an inviting and approachable hazy yellow. At 4.8%, this beer is similarly crushable and could be ideal for a hot summer day or a long night with the boys/ladies. The advantage this beer has over Blue Moon is its incredible fullness and richness of flavor. Bold wheat notes blend with the yeast to give this a wonderfully sweet and lemony taste that makes Blue Moon look like a “Bud Heavy.” Its honey and lemony flavors cascade into a slight bitterness which reminds the person drinking that this is, in fact, a beer. The best part about this beer is that it is wonderfully refreshing and very approachable. And the second best part is that Gneiss Brewery is located in Limerick, Maine, and by purchasing this beverage, you’ll be supporting a Mainer trying to do something they love. So go out and drink something local, and let’s hope Blue Moon is finally eclipsed.

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