Draughts and cheese: scorned soulmates

When you hear that cheese will be served at a gathering, an almost Pavlovian response erupts from the crowd as they ask if there will be wine as well. I guess all those black and white photos of wine and cheese parties have permanently permeated into our culture.

However, the truth is putting the two stalwarts of the hors d’oeuvre game together will cause your palate to have a taste conflict. Wine and cheese is that awkward freshman year hook up you never know how to regard, whereas cheese and beer are the match made in heaven.

Let’s take it back to the day. Back when cheese was utilized to sustain human life. Back when the controlled spoilage of milk helped the Romans conquer the western world. Know what the soldiers were rationed? Cheese and beer. Those soldiers may not have been pairing them for the taste, but it nonetheless proves these two foods share a colorful history.

If we fast-forward a couple hundred years, we find ourselves in the medieval farmhouse and monastery. Where cheese and beer became true bedfellows. Cheese and beer were made everyday in the farmhouse and monastery. Then, at the end of the day, the friars and farmers would have a feast, pairing the beers they brewed with the cheeses they made.

Artesian cheeses and beers were born in the farmhouse and monastery. They have been together since the Sumerian god Inhanna demanded a tribute of cheese. So next time you are having a party, a pairing or a testing remember to pick up that 750ml of malt, hops and yeast.

In order to help you all begin your journey into the world of cheese and beer, here are a few combos that will never fail!

Bloomy or Fresh Cheese and Allagash White

Cheddar and Shipyard IPA

Blues and Baxter Phantom Punch Stout

Washed Rind Cheese and Allagash Saison

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