Donald Trump signs removed from Colby public intersections

This past weekend, political signs in support of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump were removed from public intersections on the outskirts of Colby’s campus. The signs reportedly belonged to local Waterville resident Todd Michaud. Michaud claims to have put them up at the several right-of-ways around campus on Saturday, only to notice their disappearance some time before early Sunday afternoon. Maine law permits any noncommercial signage, such as political signs, to be in public right-of-ways for up to six weeks.

Upon realizing that the signs were missing, Michaud assumed they had been removed by the College and went to speak with Colby security in the hopes of getting them back. However, Colby College claims to have no connection behind the signs’ disappearance. “Colby security did not remove any signs, and we have no evidence that political signs were placed on campus,” Director of Communications at Colby College, Kate Carlisle, commented on the incident to The Echo.

Not finding any information regarding the whereabouts of his signs, Michaud became abrasive towards Colby security and they were forced to call Waterville Police to handle the situation. “He gave Colby security a pretty hard time,” Waterville Deputy Police Chief Bill Bonney told Central Maine, noting that Michaud was outwardly acting “aggressive” toward the security officers. Michaud was issued a criminal trespassing notice by Waterville police for his aggression towards Colby security and was reportedly warned to remain off campus.

Neither Colby Security nor Waterville police were able to find any of the missing political signs. As a result, Waterville police filed a theft report for Michaud’s signs, a conviction worth up to $250 in fines should a culprit be found.

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