Doghead: Colby’s X-mas?

Christmas (ok, maybe I should say non-secular holiday season) is coming! Scratch that: Doghead is coming. The most important Colby tradition, right? Personally, I couldn’t attend my Freshman year Doghead. Sophomore year, I had a Doghead that I will remember for the rest of my life. Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but just today I was reminiscing with my roommate about that night. Last year, I never made it to sunrise, so this year I am determined to make it.

Senior year brings with it a lot of “this is our last…” moments, which inherently places a lot of pressure on those moments to be the best moments of college. I hold Doghead to an even higher standard. But really, why is Doghead so special? Why is staying up to watch the sunrise so great, especially when I was a sophomore and I nearly had a firework go off in my hair? Every year, I hope that it will be the best Doghead yet. There’s too much pressure on one night of the year to be wonderful.

Even though I can list a number of logical reasons why Doghead isn’t that great, I am still looking forward to Mr. Colby and drinking too much Red Bull. I still hope that this will, indeed, be great. And the old lady in me is already excited to go to bed Saturday morning after a chaotic breakfast on paper plates (because Sodexo knows not to trust us with real ones). Maybe, admittedly, I have fond memories because I met my boyfriend on Doghead. Really though, I think it’s the fact that Doghead presents an opportunity to be a Freshman again. To walk into random parties and be welcomed with shouts rather than stares. To stand on the steps of Miller with exhausted peers and feel like you are a part of something. Too often, we fall into a routine of walking by people we sort of know without acknowledging them or of going to the same places each weekend. So maybe Doghead isn’t for everyone, but it will definitely be something I remember long after graduation.

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