Doc Hollandaise: Colby students’ new breakfast spot?

Considering Colby’s remote location in rural Maine, there is a surprising abundance of nearby foodie destinations: Hallowell has The Liberal Cup and Slate’s, Portland has a seemingly never-ending supply of new restaurants to try, and even Waterville has the Last Unicorn, Amici’s, and the Napoli Market opening a few weeks. But when Colby students excitedly talk about their next foodie destination, which happens more than one might think, Augusta never seems to come up in conversation. But this is all about to change.

The Sunburnt with Freckles: a red velvet donut with cream cheese frosting and oreo crumbles.

The Sunburnt with Freckles: a red velvet donut with cream cheese frosting and oreo crumbles.

Doc Hollandaise, a breakfast restaurant on Civic Center Drive in Augusta, deserves the attention and patronage of all Colby students. Although it opened in January 2015 and is well known by  locals, it is still relatively unknown to students on the Hill. But while Colby students might not recognize the name, its menu and owners may seem familiar, as  John and Ann Maglaras,  who used to own the Kennebec Café in Fairfield for many years, are the owners of Doc Hollandaise. As alluded to in its title, the breakfast place specializes in a variety of eggs benedict, but its extensive menu also includes pancakes, crepes, and egg sandwiches. But perhaps the most alluring part of its menu is its gourmet, made-to-order donuts with creative names and combinations, a similar tradition to that of the Kennebec Café.

The minute I heard about Doc Hollandaise from co-Editor in Chief, Jake Bleich’16, I immediately started recruiting a group of people to accompany me there early Saturday morning. After several false starts, accompanied by two others I had attracted to my cause with the promise of gourmet donuts,  I made the twenty-minute drive through heavy snow.

When we entered the cozy restaurant, we were greeted with the smell of frying donuts and knew we had made the right decision to venture outside of our dorms. After much deliberation, we ordered a donut each as well as a breakfast dish. Ten minutes later, our donuts arrived, piping hot. I, along with one of my companions, couldn’t resist the Sunburnt with Freckles, a red velvet donut with cream cheese frosting and Oreo crumbles, while my friend, Emma, selected a cookies and cream donut, also adorned with Oreos. They were decadent and rich, leaving us regretting the fact that we still had actual breakfast dishes coming.

Between the three of us, we ordered traditional eggs benedict; a Greek benedict with spinach, feta and tomato; and a sausage and egg sandwich. As an eggs benedict aficionado, I have very high standards, but Doc Hollandaise lived up to my expectations.  The hollandaise was light, the homemade English muffin was the perfect balance of crispy and soft, and the eggs were perfectly poached. Overall, Doc Hollandaise was the best breakfast I have had during my time at Colby, and I highly recommend paying a visit. I already have plans to go back this weekend.

For those that aren’t satisfied by breakfast alone, the restaurant just announced on their Facebook page that they will be offering lunch starting in March, with the promise of soups, chowders, burgers and salads, as well as gourmet cupcakes.

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