Dig a department: Religious Studies offers grants

Have you ever wanted to learn about Lutheranism, or are interested in Islam?  Colby’s religious studies department provides excellent resources for students curious about faith, and are currently offering a wide range of fellowships.

“The Religious Studies Department invites proposals from Colby students, regardless of major and minor, for funding to conduct an original research project on a topic related to the study of religion,” Professor Nikky Singh, Chair of the Department and Crawford Family Professor of Religion, said in an email interview with the Echo. “A wide range of individual and collaborative student research projects may qualify for funding under this program, including research related to honors theses, independent studies, or specific courses.”

Singh reiterated that students need not have a background in the Religious Studies Department, simply an interest in a topic that relates to religion. “All projects must have a Colby faculty sponsor, but that sponsor need not be affiliated with religious studies,” Singh said.

The money involved in the research will be used to further students’ studies, according to Singh. “Grants will range from $1,000–$2,500, with maximum funding allocated to those grants that are either collaborative or require international travel,” Singh said.

In addition to this, the research will need to occur in the near future. “The research supported by this fellowship will occur during January and/or Spring 2018, and will be presented at CLAS,” Singh said.

For more information on the research grants offered by the Colby Religious Studies Department, please contact Professor Nikky Singh, nksingh@colby.edu.

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