Devastator of the Week: Emma Hofman ’20

Emma Hofman ’20 has been a key player this season. She has had a major impact on the field and her love of the sport is evident through her game play. Hofman and the rest of the team are preparing for a tough fight against Vassar College this Saturday.

Colby Echo (E): How does it feel to be named the Devastator of the Week?

Emma Hofman ’20 (H): Not quite sure what that means, but I️ appreciate the shoutout.

E: You had multiple big runs on Saturday. How did you manage to be so effective offensively?

H: I️ took my vitamins and ate a well-balanced breakfast. Additionally, I’ve spent a lot of time psychoanalyzing film. To top it all off, I️ have no concept of self-preservation. That’s how I️ manage to be effective offensively.

E: Your try was especially impressive. Could you walk us through that run?

H: I guess I’ll run you through it. Before the run, I️ was thirsty. I️ knew that if I️ got the ball, I would just run and hope for the best, maybe fend some people on the way. I don’t remember the rest of the run, but I ended up in the try zone. Great success!

E: You and the team held UNH to just 17 points. How do you think you were able to keep UNH from making an offensive push?

H: Our defense around the breakdown was exceptional. We also won a lot of the rucks and our back line came up quickly and cohesively. When they added in in the back line and utilized field space, they made more progress than trying to punch up the middle. In the end, the pressure we applied was enough to keep it a low scoring game.

E: What do you think was the biggest key to your team’s victory against UNH?

H: The key to our win was our attitude. The energy was infectious.

E: What was the most challenging part of playing UNH?

H: I can’t say it was a challenging game. I think we psyched ourselves out a bit because it was the first round of nationals, but I can’t pinpoint one especially challenging part of the game.

E: How did your team prepare for this weekend’s games? Was your preparation any different than usual given the circumstances?

H: It was hard to rally for practices outside because it was windy and cold. Right before the game, we had a team breakfast in Dana where we wrote who we were playing for on our bodies in Sharpie–still working on scrubbing it off. I wrote every number 1-23–including sub jerseys–and “alumni” on my knuckles. It definitely felt different than any other game we had played this season. We wanted to make it further than we did last year in nationals.

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