Devastator of the Week: Caitlin Lawlor ’18

This week the Echo had an opportunity to talk with senior cross-country runner Caitlin Lawlor ’18. Lawlor has done well this year placing third, fifth, and third in her last three meets.

Echo (E): How does it feel to be named Devastator of the Week?

Caitlin Lawlor (CL): I’m really hyped about being named Devastator of the Week.  I think it’s a really hardcore title and I’ll try to channel that for the remainder of my season.

E: Obviously you have been running well this fall, placing third, fifth, and third in the last three meets. How have you been preparing for these meets this season?

CL: I’ve thought about race preparation in a new way this season.  It starts with every workout where I pretend like about I’m about to race and I treat each interval as a portion of the race. That way getting on the line is familiar and not scary at all.  I’ve also really embraced the “power of the mind” and even if I don’t feel well before or during a race, I convince myself that I am strong, capable, and can persevere.

E: The cross-country season is still going on, but up until this point, how have you felt that this season has gone?

CL: I’m really happy with my season so far since I’ve surprised myself a couple times and learned not to limit myself before a race.  That being said, the most important races have yet to come and I’m really excited for the tests that they will bring.

E: The rumor on the street is that you will be named to the All-NESCAC team for a second year in a row. How does that feel?

CL: I think the NESCAC is a really special league, and I would be honored to be named to the All-NESCAC this year. 

E: Anything else you would like to say?

CL: I really want to just thank my coaches, Jared Beers and Alanna McDonough.They have both helped me make unimaginable strides (pun totally intended) as an athlete and human being.  I’m really sad that as a transfer I will only have had three years here; however, my experiences on this team and with these coaches remind me every day that I’m proud to be a Mule.  Four shoes, one mule.

E: Any advice for the younger teammates?

CL: I would advise my younger team mates to embrace the fun parts of running. Racing can seem scary and painful, but if you think about it as an opportunity rather than a challenge it’s a lot less intimidating.  Also that they must be limitless.

E: What has been your favorite moment from your time on the team?

CL: My favorite moment in my four years is really tough to pick, but we had a really great workout this year that we called LARPing (live action role playing).  My teammates will know what I mean by this, but it was the most fun I have ever had running and turned out to be an incredible workout. It also helped me mentally prepare for some tricky parts of racing.

E: How has cross-country changed your Colby experience?

CL: For me, the cross country team has really helped me stay focused.  It’s a group of people that all work very hard to fulfill our potentials as athletes.  I feel accountable to this group when it comes to doing independent training and making smart choices.

E: What are your thoughts on the future of the team for after you are gone?

CL: I am so excited to see what happens with our women’s cross country team in the coming years.  There is a ton of potential within the current team and I know that other very fast girls are looking at Colby so I think they’re going to Mule it.

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