Crew looks to future after poor performances at Worcester regatta

Over the weekend the women’s and men’s crew teams had  a rough showing at the regatta in Worcester, MA.

The men’s team finished third out of five boats with a time of 6:13.42. They also had two other boats compete on Saturday, with the second placing fourth out of four with a time of 6:28.63, while the third finished third out of three, with a time of 6:43.63.

On the women’s side, the team’s varsity eight placed fourth out of five with a time of 7:05.68. Their second boat finished third out of five boats with a time of 7:31.15, while their third boat finished last with a time of 7:58.56. The Wesleyan women’s team won each of the three races and took home first place for the day.

The weather proved to be difficult for the Mules to overcome. “This weekend, a lot of things were out of our control,” Anna McClean ’20 told the Echo “Weather conditions and last minute lineup switches due to illness were unwelcome surprises, so looking forward we want to keep our head in the race, and not let those things affect our performance,” McLean said.

Rowing is a unique sport as the combination of endurance and discipline make up a large part of a team’s success. McClean acknowledged the difficulty of the sport for those reasons. “Crew is different from other sports because it requires synchronization and the better you know your teammates, the more time you spend with them and the better you mesh the easier it is to stay synchronized,” she explained.

Since synchronization is such a large part of the sport, rowers must make sure they are always in sync and focused.

As McClean said, this team chemistry doesn’t just come from practicing in the boats. The team is a community where people know each other’s tendencies as if they were their own.

Looking ahead for the Mules, both teams will be headed back down to Lowell, MA where they will be taking on Coast Guard Academy and University of Massachusetts Lowell this Saturday, April 15.

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