College Trustees discuss leadership in Boston

During its most recent meeting in Boston, the College’s Board of Trustees considered three main themes: leadership, momentum and governance.
In terms of leadership, the primary focus was the value of human capital. In particular, this included fresh faces for the Administration—the newly-appointed Vice President for Advancement Daniel G. Lugo, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Matthew T. Proto and Director of Athletics Tim Wheaton. In addition, the Trustees discussed the recently-announced tenure of six professors and, according to Assistant Vice President of Communications Ruth Jackson, “was an important outcome for the meeting.”
This tenure was awarded at the recommendation of College President David A. Greene on the basis of excellence, scholarship and service. The professors awarded include Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African-American Studies Chandra Bhimull, Assistant Professor of French Audrey Buretaux, Maple Razsa (Global Studies), Associate Professor of Art Tanya Sheehan, Christopher Soto (Psychology) and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Scott Taylor. “The quality of these faculty is outstanding,” Jackson said. “They’re showing a commitment to Colby by wanting to be here.”
Regarding the College’s momentum, McGadney identified admissions and Colby’s commitment to aid as the keys to continued success. “We’re currently need-aware,” McGadney said. The challenge is that it’s an expensive proposition, and few [institutions] are actually need-blind.” However, McGadney noted that this could be a part of larger conversations in the future.
Harvard Professor of Education, Emeritus Richard Chait attended the meeting, speaking on the subject of board governance and health. Vice President and Secretary of the College Andrew C. McGadney said that Chait noted the health of Colby’s current board, as “one that can effectively address important items and operates at a strategic level versus an operational one.” McGadney noted that Chait helps “healthy boards become healthier.”

President David A. Greene was unavailable to meet before this article went to print, but his explanation of Colby’s $100 million bond issue and the College’s doubled debt, according to Bloomberg, will appear in the Echo’s next issue on Feb. 19.

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