Colby student clubs: unifiers or dividers?

Need to learn how to nap? There’s a club for that. Ever felt the need to talk about Hawaii? There’s a club for that. Ever felt like your dinner conversation lacks current affairs awareness? There’s a club for that, too.

Now I’m not trying to say that those particular clubs are worthless. But sometimes I wonder if having so many clubs creates too many divides between students. I don’t know the exact purpose behind the new Current Affairs Discussion club, but I would think that there could be another club on campus that might fill that void. Model UN maybe? Anyone who knows me knows that current affairs are not my favorite topic of discussion, so perhaps I’m incorrect in that suggestion. If clubs are not generating something new, maybe it’s time to reject the idea. I do appreciate that SGA takes the time to look at every request, and I know from friends that they do try to make sure that new clubs have a purpose. I also appreciate that we go to a school where anyone can submit a request for a new club. It just seems a bit ridiculous that there are so many clubs.

Additionally, I think that having too many clubs on campus puts a strain on SGA funds. As a member of Hipnotik Dance Team, I definitely have a bit of a bias here. But it’s hard when we’re told we spend too much on costumes when that is all we ever ask for. And without costumes, our shows simply won’t look as professional as we want them to be. I’m not saying we should get money and other clubs shouldn’t, but I think that if clubs keep popping up at this rate, there eventually might be too little funding for any club to operate.

I tried to find a list of all the campus clubs and was unsuccessful. Maybe I’m just not tech savvy enough, but that makes me wonder, how many people actually attend meetings for these clubs? The club fair is a great time to join a new club, but it can also be extremely overwhelming and it’s easy to miss a small club in a sea of more established ones. Colby can be an overwhelming place and having so much choice can be a curse and a blessing. Having over a hundred clubs to choose from is exciting, but it’s also intimidating. Colby can feel like a place where you have to do as much as possible, and it can feel like everyone does more than you. It can take years to find your niche on campus and figure out which commitments you want to stick to and which aren’t quite worth your time (because as we all know, it already seems like there just aren’t enough hours in a day).

In the end, it’s hard for me to come to a singular conclusion about clubs on campus. While I feel there are too many, I don’t think we should limit clubs just because there are so many already available.

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