Colby seriously needs a reality check

After a successful night of fun at Préndelo (the school-wide party in Page Commons on Saturday night), I went into the SOBHU clubroom to rest. A friend of mine told me the good things people said about Préndelo on Yik Yak (an anonymous social media app), so I downloaded it. I was overjoyed by the positive reinforcement I saw on the app. I was like “yasss, people liked our party!” Then, I saw a comment along the lines of “Why are Thomas students here? That should never be a thing.” After a 7-hour rest, I tried to find the comment again, but it was gone.

I am writing this because Colby’s “Little Ivy” status may be getting to some of y’all’s heads. People literally think that because we go to Colby College, we are better than other students that don’t? As Heathcliff Huxtable said to his son Theo in an episode of The Cosby Show, “that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!”

Elitism ran all through the “Why are Thomas students here?” post. Why wouldn’t they be? Everywhere else in the world, people visit other schools sometimes. We are a higher education institution less than a 10-minute drive from another higher education institution, but Colby doesn’t ever do anything with Thomas. 90% percent of people on this campus—students, administration, faculty, staff—show absolutely no interest in connecting with Thomas intellectually, academically or socially. We think of Bates and Bowdoin only. Why? Because they are small liberal arts NESCAC colleges in Maine and a 45 minutes drive away when speeding?  They are “like” us and they are of our pedigree? *insert Heathcliff line*

Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity (SOBHU) invited Thomas, Bates and Bowdoin students to our school for Préndelo. We hope that this spirit is contagious, and that more student clubs/orgs want to mingle with other college age students that go to schools in Maine. Inviting students from other schools should always be “a thing.” Network, build relationships, and have fun with new people.

And if you are on your high horse when it comes to Thomas College, I suggest that you hop off of it as soon as you can. No one likes a snob. There’s no reason to be a snob about being at Colby; we have flaws that do not give us the right to look down on any other student that’s trying to get a degree. Our sports teams don’t win—except for track and women’s rugby. We are ranked lower than Bowdoin on most Top College lists. People complain about the gym. We lie about having three libraries when we only have two and Miller’s Furniture store. Some students commit dorm damage to our campus, sexual assaults occur and hate crimes happen here, but we want to say Thomas students aren’t up to our caliber?

You’ve got to take the good with the bad when it comes to Colby, and we don’t have to be haughty when it comes to our school. We should be proud of our school and the path we’ve chosen to get a degree, but we don’t have to actively disparage others for not being a Colby Mule. Pursuing higher education should by itself be a unifying factor for us college age students. #beamulenotanass

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