Colby on Stage: fall theater preview

The College’s Department of Theater and Dance has been working hard this semester to create works that explore culture, creativity and performance. Much of the work is student-driven, and it all culminated during Homecoming weekend as eight groups performed a diverse range of pieces that spanned over a number of different styles.

On Saturday, Oct. 18, the Department of Theater & Dance produced Colby on Stage, a showcase featuring Colby’s curricular and extracurricular performance groups. This event allowed visiting family members to see the kind of work students have been creating this fall. This showcase presented an eclectic mix of performances including dance, theater and song.

The evening opened with a first-year modern dance piece, choreographed by Sara Gibbons ’15. The dance was arranged with the intent to fuse dynamic and contemporary movement with some witty spontaneity. In addition to Gibbons, the choreography drew inspiration from some of the dancers, including Julia Borges ’18. Nellie Lavalle ’18, Molly Plunkett ’18, Lucy Soucek ’18 and Joelle Young ’18.

The second act was an excerpt from the fall Play Orlando directed by Emilie Jensen ’15. The piece featured a scene where the actors, Lindsay DiBartholomeo ’15, Kelsey Book ’18, Emery Lawrence ’17, Claire Muscak ’17, Suike Zhu ’15, and Precious Hunt ’17 followed a light all around the stage and then started to chant the first few lines of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. The play is a work in progress and will be on stage Nov. 13-15.

The third act was a performance by Vuvuzuela, an African dance team. They did a dance to the song Alingo by P-Square. Antoinette Newton-Acquah ’16, choreographed the dance, which is rooted in cultural African dance. 

The Colby Taiko Drummers also performed their traditional Japanese drumming. According to Sarah Boland ’17, “For each type of hit on the drum, there are verbal cues that we use to identify the type of hit. It’s a great way to know others, it’s very relaxed, audition free, anyone can stop by for a rehearsal.

All in all, Colby On Stage provided a night of diversity, culture, and art.  Other performances featured were Powder and Wig’s The Chairs,  and a dance to the songs Run Boy Run and Style performed by Hipnotik. The showcase allowed students and parents alike to see the different ways that Colby students can get involved on campus through art.

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