Colby Football wins CBB second year in a row

The Colby football team closed out their season with a contest for the books. The Mules secured the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin (CBB) trophy Sat. night with a 47-34 win over Bowdoin’s Polar Bears. Dick McGee Head Coach for Colby Football Jack Cosgrove has started off his fruitful tenure on Mayflower Hill with two of such trophies in two years.

Colby’s closing game ended the season on a high note. Despite the Mules’ troubles scoring early this season, a 63 yard pass from Matt Hersch `22 to Andrew DeFranco `20 on a slant route put Colby comfortably in the red zone. Hersch’s nine yard toss to Rory Glavin `21 saw Colby take a seven point lead on the very first drive. At this point Bowdoin flipped a switch, scoring three unanswered touchdowns to end the quarter at a daunting 21-7.

The Mules were determined to play a better second quarter, attempting to scrape out of the hole they had dug themselves. Committing to a strong run game tends to pay larger dividends as the game progresses and dividends were paid in the second quarter. Lead-back and captain Chris George `20 continued his fantastic senior tour with a three yard touchdown run on the first drive of the quarter. Colby found the end zone again this quarter with touchdown run from Devin Marrocco `22, who had himself a three touchdown performance against Bates two weeks prior. A CBB hero of sorts, Marrocco brought the Mules within eight points of Bowdoin ending the half at 20-28.

Yet the first half could not have ended without some rivalry drama. With the half nearly over, Colby forced Bowdoin to punt from their own half. A botched snap saw the ball sail over Bowdoin’s punter, but somehow he recovered it and kicked to the Mules. The ball never left Bowdoin’s half, giving Hersch a hail-mary opportunity to potentially tie the game. While the long-ball fell incomplete, a late hit on the Colby Quarterback Matt Hersch `22 sparked both benches into a brawl before they could be separated and sent to their locker rooms.

The third quarter was admittedly less action-packed, seeing the Polar Bears score six points to Colby’s none. Yet this was only the beginning of the Mules’ oppressive defense, suffocating Bowdoin’s attempts for the rest of the half. Colby forced a whopping three interceptions, a fumble, and their share of turnover-on-downs, not allowing another point from Bowdoin. George Eisenhauer `22 led Colby’s defense with seven tackles, his third fumble recovery of the season, and his first interception. All of this was without the help of NESCAC leading tackler Marcus Bullard `21 and starting corner Asher Inman `20. Colby’s defense may have been the deciding factor in Saturday’s bout, taking halftime adjustments to heart and giving the offense favorable field position time and time again.

The game still had to be won, and Colby was down 20-34 going into the fourth and final quarter. The offense delivered an astounding four touchdowns in that time, totalling 27 points and ending the game 47-34. Colby’s dominating performance started with another touchdown to Glavin, marking the score 27-34. Then the Mules really turned on the jets. Running back Chris George `20 found the end zone three times in the fourth quarter, each time on 26 yard runs. The captain could not have asked for a better last game, scoring four touchdowns, running for 151 yards, and totaling another 32 yards in the air. 

Reflecting on the game, DJ O’Donnell `21 said: “Having the opportunity to play in a rivalry game is always special, but this one was one of a kind. The best wins are the ones that you have to fight for, and that’s exactly what happened at Bowdoin. It meant a lot to get this one last win for the seniors. We’ll take this feeling into the offseason with us and use it as motivation for the future.” Colby’s roller coaster season ended on a bright note, with chants of “CBB” and “Ring the Bell” after the most exciting game of the year. 

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