Colby acappella goes local

This past Friday, a group of Colby acappella groups stepped out into the local community to perform for Messolonskee Middle School students. The Blue Lights, EVE, Sirens and Mayflower Chill visited a school-wide assembly, where each group sang a handful of selected songs followed by a question and answer session with the young students. The purpose of the performance, organized by the school guidance counselor, was to inspire students and motivate them to get involved with the arts and extracurriculars, as well as to highlight the importance of continuing education.

“It was a fun event for everyone involved; both for the students but also for us older kids,” explained William Ware ‘17, the head of Mayflower Chill. “After every song there was a big cheer. The kids loved it, and we all loved being there.”

Singing popular songs that the kids were familiar with and sporting their traditional wacky outfits, the Colby singers found it easy to form a connection with the young students. “We all were having a blast together,” said Gemma Bready ‘17, a member of the Sirens. “They were quick to feel comfortable and relate to us, soon realizing that we were all just kids like them.”

Presenting the importance of extracurriculars in a relatable and entertaining way to the students not only fostered an open atmosphere, but also provided more emphasis to the assembly’s central focus. “Students were able to see something that they might be interested in doing,” said Ware. “Whether it be music or other extracurriculars, we showed them just how fun getting involved outside of school can be.”

Although the central focus of the visit was to inspire the young students, it also made a significantly positive impact on the older performers themselves. Moreover, it served to greatly strengthen the bridge Colby values with the local community. “It provided us with a great opportunity to personally connect with and perhaps influence the lives of younger Waterville residents,” Ware said. “It was the first time Colby acappella had ever done something like that, and all of us are already looking forward to our next visit.”

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