Cohen ’15, emerging jewelry design talent

Julia Cohen ’15 has made a business out of a hobby with her jewelry line, Jewels by Jules.  An American studies major and creative writing minor, the blossoming designer has created a brand with handmade jewelry.

Cohen’s jewelry can be defined as simple, delicate and chic. A colorful collaboration of white, gold, and turquoise stones, metals, and glass beads, Cohen’s jewelry is lovely worn alone, layered with other necklaces, or stacking with your favorite bracelets. “My jewelry is definitely a reflection of my style,” Cohen says. “I love simple jewelry that you can wear everyday….” Her next style venture is to create more statement pieces.

All the jewelry in the line is handmade and Cohen does all the work herself. Her favorite items to make are the statement pieces, “because [she is] able to experiment the most with these pieces and try out all new styles and techniques.”

Cohen’s love of crafting jewelry began in her senior year of high school after she interned with a jewelry maker for her senior project. However, it was not until this past summer that the affinity really took. “While I really enjoyed it, I never started making my own, as I was too focused on graduating and then getting ready for Spain/Colby. Then this past summer I was on Etsy and saw DIY jewelry and I thought, ‘I know how to do that.’ So I went out and bought a wire cutter and beads, and started making jewelry in my free time!”

Her process for creating a piece of jewelry is as spontaneous as was her decision to take on the craft. Cohen describes her process as impulsive. She does not plan out the design, rather beginning each piece with a vague idea but no sure outcome. For inspiration, she looks at Instagram accounts or other websites and then gets to it.

As for future plans, she is still unsure about where her business will go. It began as a hobby  that was “just for fun,” only making jewelry for friends with no intention of ever selling it. She is now selling her jewelry at a store in Newton, MA called Pink Domino with hopes of selling in more places. Whatever the future holds, Cohen says, “I think this will always be a hobby that I do for myself (and make a little bit of profit if I can.)”  For now, she’s more focused on graduating.

Be sure to follow Jewels by Jules on Instagram, and fall in love with her earthy designs and buy something nice for yourself or friends!

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