The Cheap Seats with Cam Clouse ’18

This week we sat down in the Cheap Seats with Colby Men’s Soccer’s own Cam Clouse ’19 to talk about the team, ducks, and well-dressed men.

Echo: You’re stuck on a desert island. What three items do you bring?      

CC: A bucket. Saran wrap. And a magnifying glass. To purify that water.

Echo: Let’s play word association.

Blue? Sky.

Fast? Jeff Rosenburg.

Bowdoin? Tools.

Echo: Cat guy, or dog guy?

CC: Dog. Cats are the worst. They’re the devil. I hate cats.

Echo: You’re a new addition in a box of crayons. What color and why?

CC: Chartreuse. Because nobody knows what it is but everyone finds it quite interesting. Spelling on that I can’t help you out.

Echo: You have to fight either 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck. What do you chose?

CC: I’ll fight the horse sized duck. Reasoning behind that is… I feel like a duck that large wouldn’t be able to waddle correctly.

Echo:  Best dressed teammate?

CC: Chandler [Smith ’18].

Echo: If we say Chandler’s dressing is rated at a ten, where do you fall?

CC: I’m like a nine. I’m right behind him.

Echo: What’s your funniest moment in Colby soccer?

CC:  I would say it was our first meeting in the locker room. I was the scribe on the board… and I misspelt the second word I wrote. It was receive. I thought “I” before “E.” I didn’t hear the end of it. It was a sad day. I felt like I let all my teachers down.

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