The Cheap Seats with Brandon Troisi ’19

As the football season has just come to a close after beating Bowdoin College, the Echo sat down with Brandon Troisi ’19 to discuss Celebrities, Milkshakes, and Autobiographies for this edition of the Cheap Seats.

Echo (E): When did you start playing football?

Brandon Troisi (T): It was around sixth grade when I was  eleven or twelve.

E: Favorite Football Memory?

T: Winning the division championship my senior of high school.

E: Describe your favorite meme in word form?

T: This is a loaded question. The comforting a sad girl with a broom one.

E: Let’s play word association.

E: Jackie

T: Hang

E:Tom Brady

T: Football


T: Fruit

E: If you could be any celebrity for a week who would it be?

T: Tom Brady.

E: Guilty pleasure song?

T: Let me check my playlist real quick, oh definitely Body Like A Backroad.

E: Team Iron Man or team Captain America?

T: Hmm Iron Man, because Captain America kind of seems like a douche. And Iron Mancreated all of his own stuff.

E: Team Jacob or team Edward (from Twilight)?

T: Oh, I guess Jacob because Edward seems creepy from what Ive heard.

E: What does the fox say? And what do you say in response to the fox?

T: I would say ring a ding ding ding thing a bing ting or whatever that song says.

E: What is your deepest secret?

T: I am not going to answer that.

E: What do you think about alone in a car?

T: It depends what my mood is, if I just got back from football practice I will be thinking about my next game. Otherwise its food.

E: What is your spirit animal?

T: This probably sounds Cliché, but a Mule.

Echo: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

T: 100 duck sized horses.

E: You’re stuck on a desert island with one of your teammates. Who do you bring and why?

T: I would bring one of my other Junior linemates since I know I could count on them.

E: Are French fries supposed to be dipped in milkshakes?

T: No. They are not supposed to be but its not as bad as you think.

E: What’s something that you believe is severely underrated?

T: Craft beers I guess.

E: You just finished your autobiography, but you need a title, what is it?

E: My Crazy Weird Life.

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