Cheap Seats

Echo: When and why did you first decide to play Football?

Moises Celaya (Celaya): In eighth grade, my soccer team was a bunch of goofballs. I decided to drop soccer and pick up football, to play a sport with guys that took things a little more seriously. 

Echo: What’s your favorite memory of Colby football? 

Celaya: Winning CBB my freshman year. We hadn’t won the CBB in a long time, huge moment. 

Echo: What does it mean to you to be the kicker?

Celaya: I only have a few shots each game to do my job. That means that every time I step on the field, I am expected to do it right. My job is simple, make the kick. 

Echo: What’s the song that’s most recently been stuck in your head?

Celaya: “Trampoline” by SHAED.

Echo: The apocalypse has begun. What are three items you bring to help you survive it?

Celaya: A flashlight, a shovel, and some water. 

Echo: If you could dig a tunnel between any two spots on campus, which two spots would you choose?

Celaya: My room (AMS) to the Athletic Center, because Colby winters can be a shock. 

Echo: Who is your least favorite Disney character?

Celaya: The desk lady in Monsters Inc. 

Echo: If your life was an app, which app would it be and why?

Celaya: The Magic Eight Ball app because I live my life spontaneously. I like to make decisions on the fly, and sometimes I use the Magic Eight Ball to help!

Echo: Are birds real?

Celaya: Yes, I’ve eaten a bird so they must be real. 

Echo: The season finale against Bowdoin is this weekend, what excites you most about this game in particular?

Celaya: Our game this weekend is at night. It’ll be under the lights, and most of us haven’t experienced this since high school. The Bowdoin crowd always turns out, we’re excited to shut them down. I’m excited to end the season on a positive note to carry into the offseason. We’ll be playing for the CBB… and it’s Bowdoin. 

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