Looking at the fine art of conventional photography

There’s something interesting that happens when a bunch of college kids go abroad: everyone becomes a photographer. Every cracked, stepped on, abused iPhone somehow becomes a $4,000 DSLR camera; and how can this not be the case? When we’re given the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful, exotic and culturally rich areas in the world, how can […]

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$10K for Penobscot legal fight

$10K for Penobscot legal fight

On Oct. 18, Dawnland Defense, an organization working toward enhancing knowledge and respect of the Penobscot Native American tribe and Wabanaki land, organized a concert and speak-out on Indian Island called Justice for the River. The event aimed to raise money for the Penobscot Nation’s legal defense to protect the Penobscot River and the tribe’s sovereign right to it. Maria […]

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Visiting professor Erin Murphy enriches cinema studies program

Most students are aware that professors at Colby are rarely just educators. Such is the case with Visiting Instructor in Cinema Studies, Erin Eileen Murphy, who has been engaging students in various film projects on campus. This year she will be teaching three courses: “Narrative Film Production,” “Documentary Video Production: An Editor’s Perspective” and “Digital Publishing: Telling Stories Online,” while […]

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Performance reflects on young victims of HIV/AIDS

Sigh/Omelas begins without fanfare. There is no curtain, only a fairly straightforward toplight, and on the left wing, a dark blue stool, on which sits a green baseball cap with the letters N and W in a goofy unrecognizable font. A single character kneels center stage under these lights, reading aloud from a book mimed in his left hand. He […]

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A summer on the set of TLC’s Breaking Amish

use their summer vacation as a time to acquire an internship that can enhance his or her college education. For Sara Kaplan ’16, that internship was anything but ordinary: “This summer, I [interned] for a company called Hot Snakes Media, which is a reality and docu-series television production company based in New York City… Breaking Amish season three… was [my] […]

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Students help fundraise to support CCAK mentee

Students help fundraise to support CCAK mentee

The Colby College Football team has a long tradition of giving back to the Waterville community. For the past three years, players from the team have organized a Powder Puff game, the proceeds of which go towards cancer research at Maine General Hospital at Thayer Campus. In addition, football players have participated in the annual Polar Plunge, which raises money […]

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Mules hit the rapids: summer as a Maine rafting guide

Mules hit the rapids: summer as a Maine rafting guide

Sierra Leavitt and Dylan Markey (both class of 2016) are two adventurous mules who spent their summer working as white water rafting guides in Maine. Leavitt worked for Adventure Bound Rafting on the Kennebec River, while Markey worked for Northeast Whitewater on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers. Leavitt found the job through Natalie Tortorella ’14 who had worked as a […]

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A summery delight for a cold Maine night: S’moreos

I planned on baking something to embrace autumn for this week’s baking column. Each morning the air has been brisker as I walk to Dana for breakfast. Every afternoon as the wind rustles the leaves, the smell of fall beckons me to walk through the arboretum. I considered concocting something with apples and cinnamon, or caramel and pecans, or maybe […]

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The Drop: a must-see film this Fall

Directed by Michael Roskam and filled with stunning shots and scenes, The Drop is one of the best films of the season.  The story follows the heart-breaking life of Bob the bartender, played by Tom Hardy, and depicts his gentle spirit in the face of a multitude of crimes, which act as a back-drop for the intense inter-character relations and […]

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Museum’s student docent night features new artwork

Since students have last been on campus, the Colby Museum of Art has been busy installing their retrospective of Bernard Langlais’s work coordinated by the curator, Hannah Blunt, in addition to the routine rotation of the museum’s large permanent collection. As a way to introduce students to the new works on display, the Student Advisory Board, organized a “Student Docent […]

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