Waterville residents weigh in on new downtown dorm

What happens when two hundred students from a notoriously isolated college campus are transferred to a dorm right in the middle of downtown? Colby and Waterville will know the answer to this question soon enough, as Colby’s newest dorm is set to open in the fall of 2018. As part of Colby’s new initiative to revitalize downtown Waterville, the dorm […]

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The Superhero

The kid who would be Gray Bullet—the superhero that saved Manhattan in June of last year—was having a hard go of it, to say the least. I was, too. The Holiday Bash was approaching with alarming rapidity and, as seniors, it was expected we land dates, no matter how ugly, lest we be labeled weirdos or worse. It didn’t exactly […]

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Faces of Colby: Assistant Athletic Director Jessica Cherry

Faces of Colby: Assistant Athletic Director Jessica Cherry

Do you ever wonder who makes the signs you see hanging up for Colby sports games? Or where the fog and spotlight come from when the men’s hockey team skates out during games? Well, the person behind all of this is one of the strongest, most hard working women at Colby: Associate Athletic Director Jessica Cherry. Cherry grew up in […]

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Class rank and GPA concerns

Part 2: The second in a series about grades at Colby In last week’s article, I discussed the quantification of educational success in the form of grades and test scores at my high school and now at Colby. As a student, I have found it hard to reconcile this system with my own motivation and personal opinion about my achievement. […]

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Walkout against Trump

Walkout against Trump

Over 300 students gathered in Pulver Pavilion last Thursday to protest the election and to take a stand against hate, bigotry and injustice. Students marched from Pulver to Miller Library where they gathered in a show of solidarity and support for undocumented students and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals students. Following the election of the Donald Trump, a polarizing and […]

Letter to the editor

To the Editors of the Echo: I read with interest Lydia Fanning’s ’20 article, “Not quite riots: hallway mazes, school myths, and a short history of student protests at Colby,” in the November 10 edition of the Echo. She is quite correct in stating: “A quick search in the Echo archives for Colby riots returns exactly zero hits.” A more […]

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Professors have different views on Colby bubble

Up on the Hill, it’s said that Colby exists in its own bubble; one that is separate from the rest of the community. Two weeks ago, students gave their input on the concept of the Colby bubble, and how the school and students can become more involved in the surrounding community. In a continuation of this series, professors give their […]

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Rallies, debates and classes: How Colby has been involved in past presidential elections

In the 2012 presidential election, the Colby Democrats and Colby Republicans, both active clubs on campus, actually worked together to help people vote and stay informed. In the presidential election, as well as local ones, both clubs campaigned actively for their candidates of choice and encouraged people on and off the Colby campus to vote. They also collaborated to promote […]

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In embracing partisanship, WikiLeaks loses its integrity

In embracing partisanship, WikiLeaks loses its integrity

WikiLeaks was focused on accomplishing just a single goal—informing citizens through government transparency. In 2016, however, it is clear that WikiLeaks has lost sight of its original goal. How so? In the United States presidential election, WikiLeaks has worked with the Kremlin and President Putin to instigate a coordinated attack on the very foundation of the United States’ democratic institutions: […]

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Ask Amanda: Homesick student

Dear Amanda, I’ve been feeling really homesick lately, and I’ve been having a hard time making friends on campus. I may just have culture shock, but I haven’t been happy at Colby. Do you have advice for ways that I can meet new people on campus? Dear Homesick, The most important comfort I can give you is the knowledge that […]

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