How rich are Colby kids?

How rich are Colby kids?

Lost and found items at the Information Desk are as follows: several unclaimed Apple watches, box of Louis Vuitton stationary, plane ticket to Geneva, Tiffany’s sterling silver drinking straw, pair of Crocs with diamond Jibbitz, Bugatti car keys, smoothie cup. “Dude, my car keys are at the info desk,” I shout to my roommate, who is doing a line of […]

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Attending the Women’s March abroad

Attending the Women’s March abroad

In light of the presidential election, equality, human rights, and the future of America are at the forefront of many people’s minds. This is not isolated to just Americans either. Worldwide, people are coming together to show their support for one another and for those who are being discriminated against for their race, gender, sexuality, or beliefs under the Trump […]

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A professor’s response

A professor’s response

I’m grateful for Mike Wincek’s ’15 thoughtful response to my recently published New York Times essay, “Advice for My Conservative Students.” Without this kind of dialogue, it becomes easier to let our arguments and beliefs go unexamined. In the spirit of ongoing debate, I’d like to push back on a few of Mr. Wincek’s central claims in “Advice for My […]

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The Thursday night dilemma

Part 1: The first in a series about grades at Colby It’s a Thursday night after a long day of classes and a three-hour track workout; I’m sitting in Dana, scarfing down a bowl of pasta when my phone buzzes, reminding me about an extra credit talk in five minutes for my history class. To go or not to go? […]

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TD Bank must divest from DAPL

On Saturday, Feb. 11, Colby students and Waterville residents gathered outside TD Bank’s Waterville branch to protest the company’s financial support of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). This was only one of many protests that have taken place recently to try to stop Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) from building this pipeline. Jeanné Gilliard ’17, Four Winds Native American Alliance leader, […]

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Advice for my liberal professors and peers

Advice for my liberal professors and peers

The following piece was written by Colby alumus Mike Wincek ’15 in response to Professor Aaron Hanlon’s  New York Times article, “Advice for My Conservative Students.” A self-admitted reformed right-wing provocateur turned liberal professor recently penned an article in the New York Times with advice for his conservative students when navigating the political scene on less-than-like-minded college campuses. Mr. Hanlon […]

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The rebirth of the protest

It seems like every few weeks, the media covers yet another grand and powerful protest over an issue that, in 2017, should no longer be contested. The increasing protests indicate that there are more and more people willing to make their voices heard. This gradual escalation could also correspond with the increase in controversial issues raised by political figures and […]

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Hawaiian in a snowstorm

Hawaiian in a snowstorm

Since I’m from Hawaii, whenever I meet someone new, they always seem to ask me the same exact question: “Why did you choose to come to Maine?” I usually offer up a snarky reply such as,  “I find negative degree weather relaxing,” or “I really like sitting on planes for 12+ hours.” But it was during the blizzard this week, […]

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Merrill Auditorium, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016, in Portland, Main (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Tradeoffs and why trade is better on than off

Trade is an important subject. Big league. It occupied an especially prominent role in this election cycle, as proposed changes in trade policy made up a large part of Donald Trump’s platform. During his campaign, he conveyed the idea that globalization has generally been a bad thing, and we need to insulate ourselves more, except for when the Artist-of-the-Deal-in-Chief perceives […]

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Deconstructing the ‘liberal, alt-left, radical mainstream media’

The other day, I discovered the most delightful phrase. I was watching interviews with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who’s become known for his aggressive attitude towards the press. When Melissa McCarthy satirized him as spraying a water gun at a reporter, it was an exaggeration—but only just. The interview I watched was of Sean Hannity talking to Spicer […]

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