Yakarma is a b*tch (and so am I)

I’m sitting on the comfy couches in the Echo office, waiting for a copy editor to finish the edits for my section. I pick up my phone, do my traditional Facebook and Instagram check, and then click on Yik Yak. Ah, Yik Yak. An entertaining, constantly updating app that will always make me laugh when I need it most. As […]

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Beer-cheese pairing

As you’ve probably noticed by now, when I describe a cheese I make sure to discuss the outward flavors, aromas and textures, as well as include a small blurb about the subtle notes in the cheese. The same thing goes for beer. When tasting a beer, one should observe the body, color, head, aroma, taste and the notes that are […]

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A case of poor Communication

Colby, I beg you to question how we are being represented. Too many times have I seen the same minority students printed in the Colby Magazine. Too many times have I heard about Communications’ (rightfully failed) attempts to curb what the Echo publishes. Too many times have I looked at the Colby website and seen a Colby that looks unfamiliar […]

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The great importance of the Colby Affirmation

I made a rather unkind comment to my roommate the other day at the expense of both him and the department on which he studies. While the incident demonstrated a lapse of judgment on my part, it is not this, but rather the realization that my disrespect of my friend violated the integrity of our friendship, which causes it to […]

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If you sat through all of the credits

“…you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.” –Nick Fury At last, four months of credits finally show signs of ending. The infinite list of the digital artists who did the CGI for all those intense golf-cart chases from Senior Week, and that weird parkour scene in the Heights lounge, stumbles to a finish. Your […]

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Colby seriously needs a reality check

After a successful night of fun at Préndelo (the school-wide party in Page Commons on Saturday night), I went into the SOBHU clubroom to rest. A friend of mine told me the good things people said about Préndelo on Yik Yak (an anonymous social media app), so I downloaded it. I was overjoyed by the positive reinforcement I saw on […]

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Drinking is thinking: applying the liberal arts to beer

After the several instances of positive feedback I received for my opinion piece last week entitled, “Colby has a drinking problem,” I’ve decided to write a follow up column on why I believe the drinking culture at Colby persists to such inherently negative extremes. Last week, I suggested that the administration could curb destructive and dangerous behavior by making certain […]

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In defense of “All About that Bass”

It has recently come to my attention that some people find fault in the message behind Megan Trainor’s well-known (and possibly overplayed) song, “All About that Bass.” For an in-depth critique of the song and music video, head over to jennytrout.com to read one by the eponymous author. In this piece, you’ll find more of a defense of the song. […]

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Making the perfect cheese plate

What better way to begin your night out than a cheese plate with the squad? So before we begin the fun, let’s lay down some basics. A few things you should always keep in mind: 1) A plate should go from light fresh cheeses and end with more robust or harder cheeses. For example, start with a mozzarella or chèvre […]

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Common Ground Fair: Maine Cheese Mecca

Going to college in Maine actually has its upsides. The Common Ground Fair is one of them. Despite being a hardcore New Yorker, the occasional overdose of rural life is quite enjoyable. I’ll skip all the farmers’ stands, petting zoos, alpaca salesmen, and craftsmen to dash right to the good part… THE CHEESE. Of course the booth for which I […]

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