Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson: racist or realist?

As every informed observer of national sports issues has heard, Bruce Levenson, owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, has found himself at the center of a racial controversy just months after the Donald Sterling debacle that left the NBA reeling.  This new round of public outcry was catalyzed by the release of an internal email sent by Levenson to many […]

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Colby has a drinking problem

This past Saturday night, my girlfriend and I decided to try something that we’ve seldom done before: go out completely sober. This wasn’t our original intention, but our day had dictated it. After touring four Portland craft breweries as well as gorging ourselves on the opulent delicacies of Duckfat, the thought of finishing our day with cans of Bud Light […]

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A succinct, sassy tale of Foss’s ultimate betrayal

Anyone who knows me reasonably well is aware that I have a very special relationship with Diet Coke.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m addicted—I could stop anytime, I just don’t want to—but dependent is definitely a fair description.  Over the course of my freshman, sophomore, and junior years, I enjoyed unlimited quantities of Diet Coke in […]

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My father’s commentary on 9/11

As we all know, last week we commemorated the 13th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks. While I’m sure the more senior individuals of our community remember the day most vividly, the explosions and mayhem that flooded my family’s TV remain some of my most prominent childhood memories. Oddly enough, at the time, I thought the day’s impact would be […]

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Wait… Colby has a career center?

As my friends will attest, I have a few loves in life: books, poetry, dance, and makeup. I realize that last one may have thrown you for a loop, but hear me out. I love all things literary. I actually enjoy grammar (I know, weird). A sentence full of assonance makes me more excited than the news that Chance the […]

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An alumnus’ petition to President David A. Greene

By Alan Taylor ‘77 Professor of History at the University of Virginia Dear President Greene: Please allow me, as an alum (class of 1977) to congratulate you as the new president of a college that has been essential to my personal and professional development. I have remained engaged with Colby in a variety of ways since my graduation. In 1984-1985 I […]

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Draughts and cheese: scorned soulmates

When you hear that cheese will be served at a gathering, an almost Pavlovian response erupts from the crowd as they ask if there will be wine as well. I guess all those black and white photos of wine and cheese parties have permanently permeated into our culture. However, the truth is putting the two stalwarts of the hors d’oeuvre […]

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