Wait… Colby has a career center?

As my friends will attest, I have a few loves in life: books, poetry, dance, and makeup. I realize that last one may have thrown you for a loop, but hear me out. I love all things literary. I actually enjoy grammar (I know, weird). A sentence full of assonance makes me more excited than the news that Chance the […]

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An alumnus’ petition to President David A. Greene

By Alan Taylor ‘77 Professor of History at the University of Virginia Dear President Greene: Please allow me, as an alum (class of 1977) to congratulate you as the new president of a college that has been essential to my personal and professional development. I have remained engaged with Colby in a variety of ways since my graduation. In 1984-1985 I […]

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Draughts and cheese: scorned soulmates

When you hear that cheese will be served at a gathering, an almost Pavlovian response erupts from the crowd as they ask if there will be wine as well. I guess all those black and white photos of wine and cheese parties have permanently permeated into our culture. However, the truth is putting the two stalwarts of the hors d’oeuvre […]

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