Animal house: A case for pets at Colby

Being a Mule has many advantages; however one policy I wish would change is allowing students to have pets on campus (including mules). For me, the worst part of leaving home is saying goodbye to my dogs. Although saying goodbye to my siblings is never easy, and I do miss my parents, my dogs are definitely what I miss the […]

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Don’t be afraid of the dark… beers

When it comes to beer, one thing I hear too often is “I don’t like dark beers.” My usual response is “why?’ It’s almost always followed by an incredulous, “because it is dark.” So today I am here to debunk the myth of disliking dark beers; its time to stop being afraid of the dark and embrace a whole new […]

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Does Colby really need fun to have alcohol?

Parents weekend/homecoming/alumni weekend (whatever you want to call it) is packed with sports games, eating, and bragging about how clean your room is (for the 48 hours that your parents are there). Somehow, I found time to check my Yik Yak during all of these exciting events. I came across some hilarious Yaks from alumni, hip parents who are part […]

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The perks of being a wallflower: in defense of the introvert

Ever since my first day on the College’s campus, I’ve felt deeply, profoundly alone—alienated, even—at Colby. It shouldn’t be surprising that my short Colby experience has been defined by this sense of alienation. After all, this is the first semester of my first year of college, my high school experience was markedly less privileged than those of many students here, […]

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Hypsi vs. college student: can you spot the difference?

As college students, we have a lot of daily habits that are pretty similar to those of the Musky Rat-Kangaroo. During the rainforest module of our study abroad program, we studied population sizes of these small marsupials and realized that we’re actually not too different from them. Ever heard of a Musky Rat-Kangaroo? We definitely hadn’t until we ventured to […]

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Colby’s keen sense of community

When we set foot upon the Hill our first time, we knew that we were walking into an institution that has a long legacy of community. A community of genuine niceness. A community that doesn’t exclude. When I visited Colby last year, I passed by college students who were always waving and saying hello. At other colleges that I visited, […]

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Why I am pro-assisted suicide

Brittany Maynard will die at age 29. Although many would call her death “assisted suicide,” she asserts that, “there is not a cell in my body that is suicidal or that wants to die.” Assisted suicide has appeared in public debate many times in the past, and Maynard’s death has brought the issue back to the public eye. Let me […]

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Yakarma is a b*tch (and so am I)

I’m sitting on the comfy couches in the Echo office, waiting for a copy editor to finish the edits for my section. I pick up my phone, do my traditional Facebook and Instagram check, and then click on Yik Yak. Ah, Yik Yak. An entertaining, constantly updating app that will always make me laugh when I need it most. As […]

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Beer-cheese pairing

As you’ve probably noticed by now, when I describe a cheese I make sure to discuss the outward flavors, aromas and textures, as well as include a small blurb about the subtle notes in the cheese. The same thing goes for beer. When tasting a beer, one should observe the body, color, head, aroma, taste and the notes that are […]

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A case of poor Communication

Colby, I beg you to question how we are being represented. Too many times have I seen the same minority students printed in the Colby Magazine. Too many times have I heard about Communications’ (rightfully failed) attempts to curb what the Echo publishes. Too many times have I looked at the Colby website and seen a Colby that looks unfamiliar […]

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