President Greene addresses Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its second formal meeting of the year on Sept. 28, 2014. The meeting began with an address from newly inaugurated President David A. Greene. Greene talked extensively about his first weeks on the Hill, his plans for the College, and how the SGA could work with the College. “The thing I notice the most […]

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Campus responds to increased presence of security in dorms

In order to bridge relations between the student body and the Department of Security, the College has begun to allow on-campus security guards to roam dorms. This change comes with a specific amendment that prevents Security from entering personal rooms without permission or receiving calls about problems, but students remain wary about Security’s newfound ability to walk through bathrooms, common […]

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Sesame Street comes to campus

In developing and developed countries alike, children are influenced by anything they see on screens, making meaningful and informational TV shows a priority. On Sept. 17, the campus welcomed three presenters from Sesame Street to talk about the impact of children’s television programming. One of the show’s producers began the event by discussing how Sesame Street came to be in […]

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Oak Fellow discusses combatting homophobia

On Sept. 17, this fall’s Oak Human Rights Fellow Clare Byarugaba spoke on the issue of LGBT rights in Uganda. Byarugaba was selected as the Fellow for the campus’s Oak Institute for Human Rights due to her work in leading the movement to overcome her country’s recent controversial legislation, which criminalized homosexuality. Byarugaba presented her work to a large audience […]

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Mules make impact at People’s Climate March

60 Colby students marched through New York City on Saturday, Sept. 20. Buses brought students to Manhattan so that they could take part in the People’s Climate March, a demonstration composed of citizens concerned with the global  state of the climate. Organizers planned the march for this past weekend specifically because the United Nations met on Sept. 23rd to discuss […]

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California’s “yes-means-yes” consent bill versus College policy

The California State Senate passed a law last month requiring all universities to implement “affirmative consent” language in their sexual assault policies and definitions of consensual sex. The measure is part of a nationwide initiative to reduce sexual assault on college campuses. The state senate voted unanimously in favor of the legislation referred to as the “yes-means-yes” bill,. The bill […]

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Risen to receive Lovejoy award

The College’s Lovejoy selection committee has chosen New York Times investigative reporter James Risen as the recipient of the 2014 Lovejoy Award for courageous journalism. Risen is currently facing jail time for refusing to reveal sources on a failed CIA operation. He will receive the award and an honorary Colby doctorate at a formal convocation Sunday, Oct. 5 following the […]

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Greene inaugurated as the College’s 20th president

By: Megan Lasher and Sam Leblanc on September 18th, 2014. On Saturday, Sept. 13, the College installed its 20th president, David A. Greene. Rivaling the Bicentennial celebration of 2013, the College’s inaugural celebration filled this past weekend with festivities. The celebration began on September 12th with a series of brief presentations by six of the College’s faculty members. Ranging from […]

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Oak Institute welcomes Ugandan LGBT activist

The College’s Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights has brought a human rights fellow to campus for every fall semester since 1998. This year, the Institute selected Clare Byarugaba to teach a seminar and educate students through her own personal experience. A lesbian activist from Uganda, where politicians have been trying to criminalize homosexuality, Byarugaba is the […]

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The Colby Strippers provide support and resources for diabetics on campus

A new club has surfaced at the College with a deceptive name but a clear goal. The Colby Strippers, founded by Erik Douds ’14, is a new club that provides students and faculty with diabetes resources and support. The name refers to the paper strips that diabetics use to test their insulin levels. “Colby Strippers…is a club for diabetes education […]

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