A look into Title IX progress

By: Megan Lasher and Christina Dong on November 5, 2014. After legal mandates for colleges to reinforce tenets of Title IX, Colby has had a multitude of new policies on reporting and preventing sexual misconduct. Director of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program Emily Schusterbauer discussed the two most substantial ways in which the College is reforming their policies: mandating […]

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This week in NESCAC news: Bates College cancels Halloween tradition

In the past week, NESCAC schools have made many changes, from improved policies to new campus programs. Following Amherst College’s lead from a few weeks ago, in which the administration implemented strategies to increase awareness of Title IX policies on campus, Bowdoin College announced proposed changes to their own sexual assault policies. The school plans to add a gender-based violence […]

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College panel debates pros and cons of TFA

Students from Harvard University recently asked their President Drew G. Faust to sever Harvard’s ties with Teach for America (TFA) unless TFA agreed to respond to the students’ demands for major changes. According to the Harvard Crimson article published on Sept. 28th, the students want TFA to send teachers only to areas that are experiencing a teacher shortage, to provide […]

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Safety on campus: part two

Although the College has proposed multiple improvements to outdoor lighting on campus, many students feel that the changes are more pressing than the indefinite dates they are scheduled for. The changes, some of which will take place this year, are a response to student concerns voiced to the administration. Improvements to the lighting on Mayflower Hill in particular were accelerated […]

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Balloon forum “pops” the student-trustee partition

This past April, student protesters gathered a variety of questions that they wanted to ask the College administration and wrote them on big balloons. The protest aimed to point out the lack of transparency between students, administrators, and the Board of Trustees. On Friday, Oct. 24, trustees Ann Marie Connolly and Vice Chair Richard Uchida ’79 answered the balloon questions […]

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Waterville PD and Colby Security tackle car fire

Students rushed to the lawn behind Miller library on Sunday afternoon after hearing an explosion from East Quad. “I was reading by the window in the library and heard a loud bang, then noticed some people outside looking toward East,” Cam Copeland ’16 said. “I turned to look out the window to my left and saw the hood of the […]

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Student hit by car, College responds to safety concerns

The College has been re-evaluating its need for improved outdoor lighting and traffic safety, following an incident last month in which a student was hit by a car on school property. Since the opening of the Davis Science Center in July, more students than ever cross Mayflower Hill each day at its four crosswalks between the Diamond Building and Davis, […]

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Dean’s Office proposes long-term Committee

After ten years without the establishment of a new, long-term College committee, various administrators have decided to create a team for a “Committee on Missions and Priorities.” The Student Government Association (SGA) held a formal meeting on Sunday, Oct. 19. Provost and Dean of Faculty Lori Kletzer and Vice President and Secretary of College Andrew McGadney began the meeting with […]

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Farnham Writer’s Center Celebrates 30th anniversary

The College’s Farnham Writer’s Center, housed on the second floor of Miller Library, acts as a vital tool through which students collaborate to enhance each other’s writing abilities. The Center found its place at Colby after Margaret Farnham ’28 endorsed it 30 years ago. It began in the basement of Lorimer Chapel with only 3 tutors but today they have […]

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Campus Christian ministries react to “God Loves Uganda”

“We need to ask Barack Obama why it’s a human right to eat the poo poo!” A religious minister’s shocking on-screen quote sparked a roar of laughter in Ostrove Auditorium last Wednesday, Oct. 15. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams presented his film, “God Loves Uganda,” to the campus this week in order to continue the ongoing discussion of international […]

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