Students protest Ferguson decision

Students protest Ferguson decision

On the night of Nov. 24, students gathered in the Pugh Center to watch a broadcast of St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough announcing the grand jury decision to not indict Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson for the death of unarmed 18 year-old Michael Brown. Many students were stunned and outraged by the verdict, and quickly planned a campus-wide event […]

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Concern arises regarding professors’ discussion with student Library Committee members

Prior to the second library forum, two professors took three students whom they believed to be on the Library Committee to lunch at the Joseph Family Spa. After leaving the meeting, one of the students reported the conversation to her work supervisors in Miller Library and to the Library Committee on which she is a student representative, stating that the […]

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Speed bumps added to Mayflower Hill Drive

The week of Nov. 9, the College installed four new speed bumps on Mayflower Hill Drive between Woodman Residence Hall and the tennis courts, a change that many student drivers understand yet feel should have been second priority to lighting improvements near the road’s crosswalks. The speed bumps are one of multiple “traffic calming measures” that the College has proposed […]

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Post Office hosts annual 1001 Smiles Toy Drive

You may have noticed the construction paper cutouts at the post office advertising for 1001 Smiles Toy Drive. The goal of the drive is to collect gifts to give to local kids of families that cannot necessarily afford to buy presents on their own. Student Post Office Supervisor Al LaPan is the leader of the fundraiser, and says that in […]

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Colby to reconsider dining contract with Sodexo

The College’s contract with Sodexo is set to expire at the end of 2016, but as of now, it is not yet clear what the future holds for the College’s dining services. Negotiations will take place sometime in August 2016 and a myriad of factors will determine whether Sodexo stays or goes­–including student satisfaction. According to Vice President for Administration […]

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Analysis of club funds in 2014 SGA budget

With an increased budget this year, the Student Government Association (SGA) has been able to improve funding for campus clubs and student organizations by either fulfilling all requests in full or, for larger clubs, providing more support than last year. Four years ago, the SGA suffered a budget deficit of nearly $30,000, and treasurers since then have had to gradually […]

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Experts debate the pros and cons of fracking

Natural gas has come to Maine, and it’s here to stay. Pipelines are being laid across Kennebec Valley, providing a cheaper alternative to oil. The method used to extract natural gas, however, remains a controversial topic. Hydraulic fracturing—or “fracking”—involves drilling wells and injecting fluids to break the shale beneath and release gas. Ask an economist, a geologist and an environmentalist […]

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Colby Sodexo’s waste process: environmentally sound?

As you chow down on dinner in your preferred dining hall, do you ever consider how that food ended up on your plate? Or what happens to the leftovers? Beyond what students see on an everyday basis lies a complex system of meal planning and execution. Manager of Foss Dining Hall Terry Landry explained how Sodexo feeds over 1,800 students […]

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This week in NESCAC news

On Sunday, Oct. 26, Trinity College inaugurated President Joanne Berger-Sweeney. A former dean at Wellesley College, Berger-Sweeney will serve as Trinity’s 22nd president, following President Laurence S. Bacow. The widely-attended ceremony gave Berger-Sweeney a platform on which she could address her goals for the College, similar to the speech that Colby College President David A. Greene gave during his inauguration […]

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SGA discusses dorm damage, sociology minor at formal meeting

At a formal meeting on Sunday, Nov. 2, the Student Government Association (SGA) passed a motion on the expansion of Counseling Services and discussed progress on SGA programs and initiatives, including action against dorm damage, improvements to campus lighting, and addition of a sociology minor. The SGA Executive Council began the meeting with a report on the status of various […]

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