Campus celebrates first snow day since 1998

Campus celebrates first snow day since 1998

Students rejoiced on Mayflower Hill after receiving an email from Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jim Terhune announcing that classes and athletic practices would be cancelled Tuesday, January 27 due to a severe winter snowstorm. The storm, deemed “Juno” by meteorologists, ended the College’s 17-year streak of no class cancellations due to weather. In light of […]

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Campus Dining Services introduce “unlimited swipes”

While the Spring semester brings with it many notable changes, the new “unlimited swipes” dining hall policy is likely to be the most lauded. Sodexo, the food services company utilized in the campus dining halls, has revealed a system allowing for unlimited dining hall access to Colby. Starting on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at least one dining hall will be open […]

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Dartmouth amends alcohol policy, cites Colby

On March 30, Dartmouth College will begin to enforce a hard alcohol ban as a part of their “Moving Dartmouth Forward” plan. Dartmouth President Philip J. Hanlon included the ban as part of an initiative to decrease incidences of sexual assault, high-risk drinking and the exclusion of certain groups on campus. In adopting this policy, Dartmouth follows in the footsteps […]

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College Trustees discuss leadership in Boston

During its most recent meeting in Boston, the College’s Board of Trustees considered three main themes: leadership, momentum and governance. In terms of leadership, the primary focus was the value of human capital. In particular, this included fresh faces for the Administration—the newly-appointed Vice President for Advancement Daniel G. Lugo, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Matthew T. Proto and […]

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Library Committee hosts second open forum

Library Committee hosts second open forum

To continue the open discourse surrounding the Miller Library renovations, the Library Committee hosted a forum on Tues., Nov. 18. According to a campus-wide email announcement from Professor of History John Turner, the purpose of this event was “to present what [the Committee had] found out so far and to invite discussion.” This conversation was the second open forum on […]

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Students protest Ferguson decision

Students protest Ferguson decision

On the night of Nov. 24, students gathered in the Pugh Center to watch a broadcast of St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough announcing the grand jury decision to not indict Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson for the death of unarmed 18 year-old Michael Brown. Many students were stunned and outraged by the verdict, and quickly planned a campus-wide event […]

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Concern arises regarding professors’ discussion with student Library Committee members

Prior to the second library forum, two professors took three students whom they believed to be on the Library Committee to lunch at the Joseph Family Spa. After leaving the meeting, one of the students reported the conversation to her work supervisors in Miller Library and to the Library Committee on which she is a student representative, stating that the […]

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Speed bumps added to Mayflower Hill Drive

The week of Nov. 9, the College installed four new speed bumps on Mayflower Hill Drive between Woodman Residence Hall and the tennis courts, a change that many student drivers understand yet feel should have been second priority to lighting improvements near the road’s crosswalks. The speed bumps are one of multiple “traffic calming measures” that the College has proposed […]

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Post Office hosts annual 1001 Smiles Toy Drive

You may have noticed the construction paper cutouts at the post office advertising for 1001 Smiles Toy Drive. The goal of the drive is to collect gifts to give to local kids of families that cannot necessarily afford to buy presents on their own. Student Post Office Supervisor Al LaPan is the leader of the fundraiser, and says that in […]

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Colby to reconsider dining contract with Sodexo

The College’s contract with Sodexo is set to expire at the end of 2016, but as of now, it is not yet clear what the future holds for the College’s dining services. Negotiations will take place sometime in August 2016 and a myriad of factors will determine whether Sodexo stays or goes­–including student satisfaction. According to Vice President for Administration […]

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