An aerial perspective of Colby’s brand-new solar fields, which occupy 10 acres and provide 16 percent of Colby’s energy.

New solar fields add to College’s supply of sustainable energy

Colby’s new solar panels at the Annex have been quietly producing power for the College over the past four weeks. The 5,328 solar panels take up 10 acres of land and generate 1.5 megawatts of alternating current power, providing for 16 percent of Colby’s electricity usage. “It’s been what we call a soft start,” said Director of Operations and Maintenance […]

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When the wind blows

When the wind blows

How prepared are we for things we cannot control? A devastating storm blew through the Northeast on Sunday night, creating chaos as it came. The storm has had a lingering impact into the late week and its effects are expected to be tangible in the form of damage for weeks to come. The storm came with strong winds and brought […]

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Alum donates World Series memorabilia collection

Earlier this month, Kurt Cerulli ’78 donated his personal collection of baseball memorabilia containing over 300 signed baseballs and around 350 other items, including game programs, tickets, and photographs, to Colby College’s special collections. The collection is centered around the World Series, and took Cerulli 15 years to put together. Most of the autographed memorabilia was acquired by Cerulli through […]

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Deans discuss Pugh Center Banner Removal

After a week of inquiry, the administration finally found the Spa’s “NO RACISTS, NO HOMOPHOBES, NO RAPISTS, NO AGEISTS…” banner in a club room and subsequently issued a work order for the banner to be put back up. The banner—which belongs to the Women of Color Alliance and Feminist Alliance—had previously been taken down from its position hanging  over the […]

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The College announces $750 million comprehensive campaign

The College announces $750 million comprehensive campaign

Colby recently announced an ambitious, comprehensive campaign called “Dare Northward.” The campaign has already raised over $383 million and has a six-year goal of $750 million, making it the largest pursued fund in liberal arts history. “It’s a singular moment for Colby,” along with all liberal arts institutions, said College President David A. Greene in an interview with The Echo. […]

Pugh Center banner removal shrouded in mystery

For the past two years, a large banner has hung over the Joseph Family Spa, with statements “NO RACISTS, NO HOMOPHOBES, NO RAPISTS, NO AGEISTS” (among other statements) for the entire campus to see in the hub of student life. It was generally well received, a sign of Colby’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. However, this year, the banner was […]

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Overcrowding: Limited space in Colby dorms

“Why is my child in a room that is simply too small for three people?” “How is it fair if my child can’t comfortably study in his room without being a foot away from his sleeping roommate at night?” “Why are we paying the same amount for housing as other students whose living situations aren’t compromised?” These are just a […]

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New off campus housing policy

New off campus housing policy

In an email sent to students and faculty on Sunday, the College announced that all student housing, beginning in the 2018-19 academic year all student housing, , would be owned and controlled by the College. The notice, sent by Karlene Burrell-McRae ’94, the Dean of the College, said that students “shared the need to strengthen the residential experience of students […]

Maribor Uprisings screened

On Oct. 5 and 9, the Oak Institute for Human Rights sponsored the screenings of the Maribor Uprisings, a documentary by Associate Professor of Global Studies Maple Razsa and Colby Alumnus Milton Guillén ’15, and the film We the Workers by 2017 Oak Fellow Jinyan Zeng and Chinese filmmaker activist Wen Hai. These two events was co-sponsored with the Center […]

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Alec MacGillis accepts Colby’s prestigious Lovejoy Award

Elijah Lovejoy, the namesake and inspiration behind the Colby Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for courageous journalism, was described by President John Quincy Adams as America’s first martyr to freedom of the press. This year’s honoree, Alec MacGillis, a Pultizer Prize winner who currently writes about social issues and domestic policy at ProPublica, embodies the award criteria of integrity, character, intelligence, […]

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