Community rethinks bar nights after over 20 citations

Community rethinks bar nights after over 20 citations

Thursday nights, dubbed “Bar Nights,” are a revered tradition among students. Each week, students go into town and enjoy what the local restaurants and bars have to offer. Be it dancing, karaoke, or rum buckets, Thursday nights are intended to add variety to the social scene for students over 21. The jovial atmosphere was interrupted, however, last Thursday, March 2, […]

Survey results compiled from 108 Colby students, ranking their top choice of local dinner restaurants. Students were asked to rank options on a scale of one to five.

College students rank local restaurants in survey

Foss’ Friday burrito bar and Dana’s ice cream selection can only satisfy students’ cravings for so long. As a result, many students opt for an occasional meal downtown, “It is a great way to explore the surrounding area and get a break from the usual campus fare,” said Grant Alenson ’18.  The Echo encourages students to explore Waterville and its […]

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Ayers Saint Gross architects provided an initial rendering for the student complex on Waterville's Main Street.

Students fear social implications of downtown dorm

Amidst advancements on the downtown dorm and Waterville’s revitalization, students have increasingly been expressing concerns about the effects the dorm will have on Colby culture. Most notably, students have speculated that along with the dorm a ban on students being allowed to independently rent off-campus residences will be introduced as well. In a recent interview with the Echo, Vice President […]

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LePage outlines delivers State of the State, addresses wages

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Governor Paul LePage gave his sixth and final State of the State speech in which he addressed his agenda, concerns, and the budget for Maine. In response to new state legislation LePage said, “Our economy and our way of life are under attack.” LePage began the speech by addressing his plans for tax reform. Angered by […]

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Boston business owner follows through on downtown investment

Boston business owner follows through on downtown investment

Mark McLeod, of Wilmington, Massachusetts, confirmed in an interview with the Echo his intentions to follow through with his downtown purchase and expand his scope in Waterville. McLeod, owner of Boston Eye Design, purchased the former Ken-A-Set store building at 1 College Avenue in August after recognizing the investment potential in Waterville’s revitalization. In an interview with the Kennebec Journal, […]

Drug overdoses rise in Maine

The number of drug overdose deaths in Maine has increased annually to reach a record high in 2016. This past year marked an unprecedented growth in drug related deaths, with the number soaring to 40 percent of all fatalities in the state, accounting for 378 deaths according to the Kennebec Journal. Other states in New England are experiencing a similar […]

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Students participate in JanPlan technology challenge

Over JanPlan, CGI Group, formerly Collaborative Consulting, presented an open technical question, challenging students to solve it in exchange for a summer internship with the company. The question prompted students to optimize the existing system for sending and receiving academic transcripts. Students then presented their solutions in a pitch at the end of JanPlan. One team, comprised of Austin Nantkes […]

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Student, faculty desires reflected in downtown forums

Student, faculty desires reflected in downtown forums

Although nothing was presented for approval to the Board of Trustees at the February 2 and 3 meetings with regard to downtown, the College’s Vice President of Planning Brian Clark said the Board was pleased with the direction the College has been moving. “The Board has been in- credibly supportive of the work we have been doing on Main Street […]

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From Caucusing to Marching, Central Maine Resists Division

From Caucusing to Marching, Central Maine Resists Division

Last March, I changed my residency from New Jersey to Maine so that I could caucus for Bernie Sanders in my first presidential election. The caucus was held in the basketball gym at Thomas College where myself and a few hundred other registered Democrats squished together to hear pitches from the Sanders and Clinton camps as well as hear a […]

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