Community warmed by Winter carnival

2.5 miles from campus there is a recreation area owned by the city of Waterville. There, you will find multi-use trails, designed by one of the world’s leading Nordic trail designers and two-time Olympian, John Morton. The Quarry Road Recreation Area boasts a trail network of beauty and variety, including a world class cross country competition loop. The town of […]

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Isgro’s first month in office as mayor of Waterville

Nick Isgro has officially been Waterville’s 53rd mayor for only a short month, but the future already looks promising. Isgro, a Republican, was inaugurated on Jan. 6. He came to the Colby Museum of Art on Saturday, Feb. 7 to talk with the Echo about his first month in office and the City’s priorities going forward.  In the past four […]

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CVC, MMHS host homelessness awareness events

The holiday season, which conjures images of warm homes and spending time with family, seems an appropriate time to ask the question: “What does home mean to you?” This month, the Colby Volunteer Center (CVC) and Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter (MMHS) are using the time to raise awareness about homelessness by hosting events at the College. The past week has been […]

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Student summoned for allegedly fleeing scene of accident

The Waterville Police Department issued a court summons last month to John Woodside ’17 after he allegedly fled the scene of a single-car accident on Rice Rips Road. Darpan Roychowdhury ’17 was a passenger in the car, but faces no charges. Neither student was seriously injured in the accident. Shortly after midnight on Nov. 15, Woodside was driving north on […]

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Animeals feeds pets

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which traditionally implies that many will soon be feasting with family and friends to celebrate the season’s harvest and share in thanks. Yet not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a holiday experience, as some will remain homebound, alone, and unable to provide food for themselves or their pet companions. However, with the help of […]

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Officials cancel shrimp season for the second year in a row

For the second year in a row, officials cancelled the commercial fishing season for Northern shrimp, placing a moratorium on the fishery for the 2015 season. Also known as Pink Shrimp, Coldwater Shrimp or Deep Water Prawn, Pandalus borealis is small not just in stature—measuring up at only about two to four inches—but also in abundance, according to the most […]

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Quarry Road gears up for winter 2014

Quarry Road gears up for winter 2014

Quarry Road, the year-round recreation area a mere half-mile from campus, is beginning to gear up for its winter season. While road races and wellness fairs characterize summers at Quarry Road, winters bring opportunities for cross-country skiers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The 200-plus acres have attracted both the Waterville and Colby community since the 1930s, when it consisted mostly of […]

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Waterville girl’s soccer wins states

This past Saturday, Nov. 8th, the Waterville girl’s soccer team claimed the Class B crown after beating Cape Elizabeth High School in a 1-0 victory. With only 38.1 seconds remaining in overtime, it was a last-chance shot launched from the 25-yard line that ended this year’s state championship match. This surprising and exciting finish served to be a perfect close […]

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The Milkhouse: Colby alumni open local creamery

Entering the rundown barn in China, ME, Andy Smith ’11, churning yogurt in the corner. He wore a forest green jacket and matching pants tucked into black boots. Smiling to me, he explained the process of making yogurt and passionately detailed the ingredients he uses. Two years ago, Smith and Caitlin Frame founded the Milkhouse, a certified organic creamery in […]

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Governor LePage reelected

In a race that was tight down to the very end, incumbent Governor Paul LePage ultimately won reelection on Nov. 4. LePage secured his second term in the Blaine House with a five percent margin of victory and a greater proportion of the vote—ten points higher—than he earned in 2010. Democratic political strategists’ main concern rang true when election results […]

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