Student attempts to tackle $100,000 annual cost of residence hall vandalism

Residence hall vandalism (RHV) has been a highly-debated issue on campus for many years. Whether it is a shattered front door or an exit sign on the floor of the apartments, students understand the harmful effects of RHV and recognize the difficulty it poses for Physical Plant Department (PPD) and the custodians who work to keep our living spaces clean […]

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Klitirinos and Lyons named class of 2018 Presidents

September is an exciting time on Mayflower Hill, especially for the class of 2018 as they begin their four-year undergraduate journey. While many are finding their footing and getting lost on their way to class, two first-year students have already settled in: class of 2018 Presidents Lexie Lyons ’18 and Phil Klitirinos ’18. Like many friendships on the Hill, Lyons […]

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Alumnus returns to teach in the Music Department

Alumnus returns to teach in the Music Department

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Kate Heidemann ’04, an alumna of the College, has returned to the Hill as the newest addition to the Music Department. This fall she is teaching “Music Theory III” and “Deconstructing Popular Music”, a class that she proposed. Her story is one that accentuates the values not only of academia, but the importance of music […]

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Mules hit the rapids: summer as a Maine rafting guide

Mules hit the rapids: summer as a Maine rafting guide

Sierra Leavitt and Dylan Markey (both class of 2016) are two adventurous mules who spent their summer working as white water rafting guides in Maine. Leavitt worked for Adventure Bound Rafting on the Kennebec River, while Markey worked for Northeast Whitewater on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers. Leavitt found the job through Natalie Tortorella ’14 who had worked as a […]

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Bates Alumnus travels the world by canoe and bike

Developing a love and appreciation for challenge was the main message behind Zand Martin’s presentation titled “Around the World by Human Power.” Assistant Director of Campus Life and the Director of Outdoor Education Ryan Linehan and the Colby Outing Club (COC) brought Martin to campus on Sept. 9. Martin majored in History at Bates College and was the Vice President […]

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Student spends summer in Ebola-stricken Liberia

The ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa is the largest-ever documented outbreak of the deadly and frightening disease. Few Americans have witnessed and fully understood the impact of the recent outbreak. However, for Leah Breen ’15, who spent her summer interning in Liberia, she experienced first-hand the multidimensional impact of the Ebola crisis. As a government and global studies major, […]

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First years abroad: A brief on the class of 2018 Feb-Frosh

For Feb-Frosh who spend their first semester of college abroad in Salamanca, Spain or Dijon, France, arriving on campus in JanPlan and meeting new classmates who know much more about life at the College than they do can be intimidating. However, for many students, the First Semester Abroad (FSA) Program not only was an enriching experience, it also played a […]

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Wamsley ’15 accepted as Ambassador

The German Academic Exchange Service or in German Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is the largest organization that promotes international academic cooperation in Germany. One of the ways the DAAD does this is, through the selection of Young Ambassadors who promote the program. Christine Wamsley ’15 is one of the 33 DAAD Young Ambassadors selected this year. Wamsley said that her […]

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Student finds harmony in music and language

While many students at Colby like to discuss their academic endeavors, some students pursue passions outside of his or her major or minor. In the case of Brett Ewer ’14, academic and extracurricular pursuits are combined. A classics and classic civilizations major, Ewer is very interested in ancient communities. However, what makes this particular student interesting is the way in […]

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Opportunities await three JanPlan courses in Russia

Do you like to travel? Are you interested in ethnography, art and/or economies transitioning from a command to free market system? Does a month of total immersion in a foreign culture sound like your idea of an adventure? If so, spending a month in Russia on Colby’s direct exchange JanPlan may be just the program for you. “In addition to […]

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