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A brave new bark: what if animals spoke?

Imagine a normal morning at Colby College. We wake up, get dressed, and leave our dorms for breakfast and classes. As we begin walking, we notice the same squirrels that we see on campus every day. As always, our feelings towards the squirrels are an enigma; they are comforting yet confusing, entertaining yet concerning, comical yet strangely terrifying. But today, […]

Why Hillary’s emails matter

Last Wednesday night during the democratic debate, Bernie Sanders complained that he was tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails.” This statement was met with rapturous applause from the democratic audience and a maniacal grin from Clinton. To many, this was the moment where Clinton finally put this issue to bed, for the email scandal and its related investigations […]

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Those who puke shouldn’t have to juke medical care

“I honestly don’t think I’d call security unless I was, like, sure you were dying.” It may have only been two-seconds of eavesdropping as I passed a group of first-year girls while hiking up to the apartments, but this sentiment is hardly a lone occurrence. Over the past three years, I’ve written multiple pieces about my distaste of the College’s […]

A pie in review: Bob’s pumpkin

Desire. Passion. Ecstasy. My mind races as I tear away the crust from the Bob’s pumpkin pie to reveal delicate mounds of succulent filling. I moisten my lips and raise the crust to my face to breathe in its spicy aroma but can’t stop myself from nibbling on its tender ridges. Flakes of buttery bliss flutter to the floor as […]

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I wish Teach For America didn’t exist – and that’s exactly why I’m joining them

I wish Teach For America didn’t exist – and that’s exactly why I’m joining them

Throughout the past three years at Colby, I’ve wavered in my deliberations about Teach For America (TFA), the non-profit organization that recruits college graduates who have demonstrated leadership, academic excellence, and cultural understanding to teach in underserved communities across the nation. In recent years, TFA’s model has been subject to many sweeping, inferential criticisms, particularly on elite college campuses and […]

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Mr. Buffett’s Maine contribution

Mr. Buffett’s Maine contribution

On the weekend of May 1, I attended the 50th annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting in Omaha, Nebraska with my Dad. Frequent attendees and first time visitors like myself arrived to a city bursting at its seams. My Dad and I arrived in front of the CenturyLink Center (capacity 17,500) at around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, and stood in […]