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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Merrill Auditorium, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016, in Portland, Main (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Election 2016: Where candidates stand in Maine

The Colby Echo previously reported on disgruntled Todd Michaud’s stolen Trump campaign signs. However, this energetic Trump support is likely not evidence of changing political allegiances in Waterville. President Obama carried 80% of Waterville voters in 2008, and FiveThirtyEight shows that Clinton will likely take the city. But the story is not the same in all of Maine, and a […]

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40th Annual Common Ground fair delights visitors

The weekend of September 23 through the 25 marked the 40th annual Common Ground fair, held in Unity, Maine by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). The fair celebrates the rural and agricultural traditions of Maine with outdoor activities, lectures, and discussions that support healthful and sustainable food production as a means to achieve thriving communities. This year, […]

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Demolition has already begun on 13-15 Appleton Street.

Kiernan Somers | The Colby Echo

Colby begins demolition of buildings downtown

In an effort to jumpstart the economy of Central Maine, Colby has poured millions of dollars into downtown Waterville over the past year. Since 2015, the College has purchased five properties. College administrators have voiced their desire to develop a boutique hotel, a student dormitory, and to improve retail and office spaces in downtown Waterville as part of the ongoing […]

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Colby Faculty and the local community

Colby Faculty and the local community

An in-depth look into the challenging and multi-faceted residency decision made by faculty.

Maine’s lobster season off to an early start

Maine’s lobster season off to an early start

Maine lobster production is the state’s most lucrative fishing industry, bringing in about $457 million and 124 million pounds of lobster in 2014. The lobster fishing season in Maine usually kicks off in April. As spring fills the air, lobstermen fill their boats with traps and head out on the ocean to set them. The months of May and June […]

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Colby hires Paul Ureneck as director of commercial real estate

Colby hires Paul Ureneck as the College’s Director of Commercial Real Estate.

String of suspicious fires in the city of Waterville

A string of suspicious fires have broken out across Waterville in the past month. On April 3, a small fire started in a bedroom displaced five people  from an assisted living home on Pleasant Street in Waterville. The fire was contained to one room and was stopped by a sprinkler system, extinguishing the fire before the Waterville Fire Department arrived […]

Investigating the Closure of Colby Favorite, Papa Johns

Investigating the Closure of Colby Favorite, Papa Johns

The rumors that have been taking Yik Yak by storm are true: to the disappointment of Colby students and Waterville locals, the Waterville Papa John’s, formerly located on Kennedy Memorial Drive, has officially closed their doors for business. Luckily, Domino’s and Waterville House of Pizza (WHOP) are in the clear, but for all of the Papa John’s fans out there, […]

Waterville Caucus declares Presidential candidate Bernie Saunders winner

Waterville Caucus declares Presidential candidate Bernie Saunders winner

Over the weekend, the Maine President Caucus was held across the state. On Saturday, Republicans caucused and saw Senator Ted Cruz come away with a victory. The Democrats caucused on Sunday and the majority supported Senator Bernie Sanders. Cruz’s recent campaigning in the state paid off as he garnered 8,550 votes, equivalent to 45.9 percent of the vote. Of the […]

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LePage’s endorsement of Trump raises questions

After speaking out against Republican Presidential Candidate and current frontrunner Donald Trump at the Republican Governor’s meeting, saying that Trump would hurt the party and urged the governors present to pen an “open letter” to the American people, Governor LePage has endorsed Trump for president. Additionally, on February 9, the day of the New Hampshire primary, LePage told Bangor’s radio […]