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Davis Curricular Gallery utilized across disciplines

With the expansion of the Colby Museum in 2013, one of the many benefits to the college was the addition of the Davis Curricular Gallery. Designed as a space to foster the academic involvement of students and teachers in the museum, the Curricular Gallery enables artworks to be displayed for the duration of a semester.  As a result of the […]

English professors share original works

Students, whether creative writers or not, filed into the Robinson Room and filled the small section of Special Collections that houses the Visiting Writers Series throughout the school year. On Tuesday, Feb. 24, the Robinson Room hosted the Edwin Kenney Memorial Reading, honoring the past English professor who died at the age of 50 from cancer. Kenney attended Hamilton College […]

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P&W’s Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet

Goodnight Desdemona, Good morning Juliet had some standout performers who were a pleasure to watch, but overall it could have used some editing. Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet follows the story of a young English professor Constance Leadbottom (Olivia Gould ’16), who is in the process of decoding the Gustav Manuscript, a cryptic text that potentially holds information proving that […]

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Investigating gender and aesthetics in French Society

Ever so often, I’m reminded of just how many lectures, events, performances, etc. that are put on at our school and how many of them I miss. Usually I tell myself some self-pitying excuse about all the homework I have or how tired I’ve been lately—weak excuses to try to make myself feel better for not taking advantage of all […]

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Musings of a young fangirl, an Oscars live blog

Please read this while listening to the song “Roar” by Katy Perry. 7:04 p.m. Ahh, the Red Carpet segment. Where ABC officials poke into the vibrant, intelligent minds of male filmmakers and actors, question them about their art forms and their visions for the future, then turn to their female co-stars and ask about who made their gowns. This year […]

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Reflecting on a month of anatomy, an artist’s take

As an art major coming off of a fall spent abroad, I was excited to bring back with me all the inspiration I had gathered during my four months traveling through Europe. Having enjoyed an endless array of beautiful vistas, museums and architecture, the creation of my own artwork took a backseat to the viewing of others. For that reason, […]

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Museum features contemporary black artists throughout February

Fish dangle amidst shadows and dark foliage in three* Joseph Norman lithographs which were on display during the first week of February at the museum. It is an odd image, put into context by the title, Strange Fruit; a grim homage to the Billie Holiday song lamenting the lynchings of African Americans during the 1930s. Throughout the month, the museum […]

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Something to be desired, Fifty Shades of Mediocrity

“More…Oh yeah…Fill me up,” I told the concession stand workers as they prepared my large popcorn and medium Diet Coke. What they didn’t know was that I would also soon be feasting upon the two large boxes of candy smuggled within my large winter coat. But it was absolutely necessary. I was about to embark on a cinematic odyssey of […]

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currents7 artist sculpts photographs in sand

The newest exhibition at the Colby Museum is called currents7: The seventh installment of the Currents installations at Colby. It is a collection of photography and sculpture by artist Elizabeth Atterbury. The Portland-based artist has extended her mainly photographic practices into sculpture, creating a show that is dynamic in its exploration of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds. Upon entering the […]

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Sundance with Cronkite

A few days after I returned from Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival JanPlan, the wonderful professor who took our class out West, Phyllis Mannocchi, asked me into her office for an interview-style final exam. She greeted me with a pleasant “How are you adjusting to life back at Colby?” An adjustment indeed it has been. Over the […]

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