The case for a longer spring break

Spring break tends to be everyone’s favorite time away from overwhelming school responsibilities. After all, it is the last one we get before everyone’s real favorite break: summer. Colby’s spring break is only a week, similar to that of other schools’. However, some schools have two weeks off. Considering how hard Colby students work in addition to our infamously short winter break, spring break should definitely be longer.

Spring break is almost bittersweet. Once it nears its end, we all realize that it’s the last real time we get to enjoy our week of freedom and time spent with our family. We’re all painfully aware of the fact that we have to make the most of it in order to survive the last two months of the semester and worst of all, finals week. Spring break is important and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all just need a little bit more of it.

School holidays and vacations are meant to serve as a time of relief and relaxation to recover from the incredible amount of stress all college students go through at school. More importantly, it gives students who attend a college far away from home some time to reconnect with friends and family and to tend to their homesickness. After months of being away from home and being under constant stress, seven measly days is not nearly enough time to refuel. Students need to unwind and sleep in their own bed and shower without shoes.

College students endure an immeasurable amount of stress and sleep deprivation. Both of which prolonged could be increasingly detrimental to one’s health. Colby students are especially hardworking and days without class, i.e. the weekends, are usually seen as an opportunity to do even more work than what was done during the week. For us, weekends are simply just longer days for us to be productive. Therefore, we need breaks and vacations to force us to put our pencils down, close our books, and close our eyes. To say that a week is enough to constitute a ‘break’ would be an overstatement.

Unfortunately though, unlike winter break, students still have a pile of papers and exams waiting for them when they return. Therefore, most students have no other choice but to spend part of their break tending to their academic duties. This takes the ‘break’ out of spring break. No student can fully enjoy their vacation when they have responsibilities in the back of their minds. A longer break would allow us to dedicate more time to keeping up with our academic duties while also leaving us enough time to also take care of ourselves.

Moreover, Colby College is one of the very few colleges to have a JanPlan. Most students of other colleges and universities are given a month or even longer for their winter vacation. This generous time provided allows these students to have a relaxing step back from their rigorous academic lifestyle and rejuvenate for the next semester. JanPlan ends up  granting us Mules only 14 days of vacation, while most of our peers are allowed a month. Therefore, it would only make sense for us to have a longer spring break.

The short length of the spring break does more harm than good for college students. It doesn’t give us enough time to recover from school and the stress that comes along with it. A longer break would be a much healthier and beneficial gift, even professors and faculty. Colby should consider lengthening our spring vacation in light of and to better serve the mental and physical health of its students. We all work hard everyday, a little breather is all we need.

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