Cancun’s new look

Cancun Mexican Restaurant, located downtown, has just completed a major renovation in efforts to create a more vibrant and popular location for Colby students and Waterville residents alike. Cancun, located at 14 Silver Street, has been open in the same place for ten years, which is part of the reason why owner Hector Fuentes decided to revamp the restaurant.

While the restaurant may be known to boast large portions at moderately low prices as well as outdoor seating in warmer months, it is not necessarily known for its ambiance or capacity for large groups of people. With the renovations, Fuentes hopes to change the restaurant’s reputation as just an eatery to a place where members of the Waterville community can relax and unwind.

Fuentes told the Echo that they have transformed this “quiet, shy restaurant” to something “much more impressive.” The restaurant previously had a large dining area with a combination of booths and tables and a small bar area attached to the main room. The renovation includes a large, open-area bar that seats 25 people.

The renovations were completed in less than a month, and Fuentes is anxious for Colby students to return and see the changes. During the interview, Fuentes was very enthusiastic when talking about the changes, and anticipates that Colby students in particular will be pleased to see them.

Fuentes felt that the renovations were necessary after ten years of no changes to the establishment. Aside from simply wanting to update the space, another reason for the changes to the restaurant is to keep up with the changing downtown environment. Fuertes thinks that “all the new renovations and additions to the downtown are going to be great,” and he is very excited that his restaurant will be a part of the revitalization efforts of the downtown area.

With the renovations Fuentes hopes to increase his restaurant’s popularity with the Colby community in particular, and enthusiastically told Natalie Doppstadt ’17 and Maddy Ojerholm ’17 while at dinner  that renovations are “all for you guys.” Fuertes disclosed plans to construct a dance floor in the near future. With the construction of the dance floor, the establishment hopes to host more bar nights and become a more sought-after destination amongst students.

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