Campus discussion on sexual assault

On Thursday, March 5, Title IX Coordinator Dr. Tashia Bradley and Director of Campus Life Jed Wartman held a Sexual Misconduct Reporting Information Session to inform students of recent updates to the College’s Title IX policy. The purpose of the session was to provide students with further information about the reporting process, the options available to students and the College’s policies regarding sexual misconduct.

Officials on the Hill continue to reflect on and make reforms to the policy in hopes of reducing the barriers in the reporting process and making it one that is more accessible to students. Along with providing further information about the policy, the session was used as an opportunity to create an open dialogue in which the administration could both receive student input and answer questions.

The session emphasized the College’s increasing focus on awareness, prevention and support programs related to sexual misconduct. Moreover, along with describing the reporting process, Bradley and Wartman encouraged students to visit to fully understand their rights under Title IX and to learn more about the reporting process.

Much of the session was focused on a key update in the policy, as well as the investigation process. In an improvement effort to more thoroughly investigate cases of sexual misconduct, the College has decided to partner with an outside investigator, Ann Chapman, who works for a law firm in Portland. During the session, Chapman spoke about her role as an investigator and her process of conducting interviews with all involved parties in order to uncover facts in the most accurate and thorough way possible.

The end of the session provided ample time for students to ask questions and learn specifics about the policy. Hopefully, this session is just the beginning, and the dialogue surrounding sexual misconduct will remain open and continue to grow.

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