By The Students, For The Students

Have you ever craved a late-night snack but were unhappy with the selection of restaurants on various food delivery apps? Have you ever wanted food delivered directly to your dorm room door? Easy Eats does it all. 

In the spring of 2019, then-first years Billy Maines `22 and Christian Krohg `22 saw the demand for this type of food delivery and co-founded Easy Eats. When putting together the details and deciding how and what their platform would entail, Maines and Krohg were thinking of ways that their company would stand out from all other delivery services. 

“What distinguishes us [Easy Eats] from other delivery companies is we are directly supporting and building relationships with students and between Colby and the community, that many large corporations do not,” Krohg said.

When asked about their accomplishments and the rise of Easy Eats, Krohg and Maines name just a few who have been instrumental in the success of the company: Katharine Dougherty `22, Ethan Beatty `22, Hayden Edwards `22, Connor Klingenberg `22, and Mike Minard `22. 

The free app is extremely user-friendly with a range of capabilities. After creating an account, users are instantly taken to the homepage where all the restaurants are listed. The customer has the option to choose either carry out or dorm delivery. 

Easy Eats offers delivery for a range of restaurants throughout the surrounding area, including Mirakuya, Portland Pie, and Dunkin Donuts. Once one company chooses their desired restaurant, they are brought to their menu where they can quickly add any items to their basket. The checkout process requires minimal effort and within seconds a user’s order is placed. 

Along with its seamless order and checkout process, Easy Eats also offers rewards. For every $10 spent users receive 10 points, and once they have 100 points they get a voucher for $5 off their next order. With its user-friendly interface and effortless ordering system, it is clear to see why the company has seen so much success. 

Since the initial launch of the app, the company has seen quite the meteoric rise. When looking back on all success Easy Eats has seen, Maines reminisces on the first day the app opened. 

“The first day the app launched we were excited and nervous. I remember that night we did a big Jewel of India order to celebrate all the hard work that had gone into Easy Eats.”

Throughout this past year, Krohg, with the help of Dougherty, has entered various pitch competitions to raise funds for app development and other expenses. Among the many pitch competitions, a few they highlighted were receiving the MTI (Maine Technology Institute) grant, The Big Gig Pitch, and advancing to the next, televised, round of the Green Light Maine pitch competition. 

No matter the level of success a business sees, there will always be many highs and lows. On a more candid note, when asked what it is like to have built this business together, being roommates, and maintaining a strong friendship, Krohg explained it as “a fun project to have in college that isn’t quite related to academics or other extra-curricular.” 

He went on to say that “being roommates definitely means we are always working and in some ways are never off duty. But it’s gone extremely well so far and is such a great experience running this business with my best friends.” 

Easy Eats was recently rolled out on Bates’ campus and has already gained popularity in Lewiston. As for future plans, Maines and Krohg are constantly working on building, improving, and generating new ideas for their platform. If you have any suggestions, Maines and Krohg say “we are always listening.” 

You can either DM them on Instagram @easyeatscolby or text them. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money, with very flexible work hours, you can tap the link in their bio to apply. 

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