Brew Review: Your new fall beer

Brewery: Boston Beer Company

Style: Märzen / Octoberfest

Alcohol By Volume: 5.3%

After an unseasonably warm start to November, the Echo staff has decided to bring back a time-honored tradition of student newspapers past: beer reviews. To celebrate the warm weather (and stem the pain of another long night in the office), a few members of staff decided to sample the best beer that the KMD Irving gas station had to offer. Upon arriving the choice was clear: a 16oz can of Samuel Adams Octoberfest for $2.16. God bless America.

Upon returning to the office, I was joined by two members of our staff, our Senior Boston Correspondent (SBC) and an Average College Student (ACS). After borrowing three plastic cups for Bob’s, we got to work.

It’s hard to ignore the can design of the Octoberfest, a shiny bucolic homage to New England’s most famous season all under the watchful gaze, as ACS noted, of a Founding Father holding a beer. Take that, Budweiser.

The pour revealed the vibrant body of the beer, a color that SBC deftly described as amber, while ACS likened it to the many autumn leaves strewn around campus. Personally, I thought the color resembled a student’s urine on Sunday morning.

Thankfully, the smell was much less pungent. Our Boston Correspondent thought the nose was “pleasant, but nothing special. It just smells like beer. Like I wouldn’t say, ‘Oh this is Sam Adams.’ I’d just say it’s beer… It does smell a bit like caramel.” The Average College Student disagreed while keeping with his nature theme, saying “it smells like the leaves on the ground outside.” We all agreed that it had a mostly bready smell.

After the first sip, the tasting was nearly derailed when our Boston Correspondent got a taste of his homeland. It started off innocently enough, with the SBC noting the beer tasted like a “little bit of caramel” and had a “round body.” As he was talking about the sweet notes of the beer, a transformation occurred. As he ripped off his sweatshirt to reveal a Bruins jersey, he yelled, “Dood, it tastes like fahkin’ fall. Like the leaves outside my mahm’s triple deckah in Dorchestah on a fall Sunday while we watched Brady’s piercing baby blue eyes on the TV.” After restraining the Bostonian, we got back to work. The Average Student said he “didn’t taste any caramel.” I agreed, saying it had more of a honey flavor, with a little bread and maybe some pumpkin on the end.

Ultimately, for the price, we all thought this was a pretty wicked beer. The Average Student gave it a 7/10, I gave it a 8/10, and the Bostonian said “it’s a good fahking beah.”

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