BMR’s fall show excites audienes

Befitting the usual amount of sparkles, bubbling energy, and promised harmonies, “Hello!” from the Book of Mormon served as a perfect opening number for this year’s production of Broadway Musical Revue. Faces were plastered with wide,  eager and clear-eyed smiles, and a well-executed give-and-take of lines set the bar for the energy of the rest of the show.

We were not disappointed. The cast of BMR has a special kind of shine that lights up the entire room when they perform, combining singing, dancing, and crazy outfits. They smile widely, sing clearly, and make one wish that bursting out in song was appropriate behavior in daily life. Their repertoire on November 12, 13, and 14 included numbers from popular musicals such as Rent, Les Miserables, and Chicago, and included the typical smattering of full ensemble, ladies, and mens numbers. Most notable was the poignant full-cast rendition of “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” from Rent. Every Broadway fan’s dream, it was a beautiful mix of harmonies and melodic octaves that built and built until the room was filled with voices.

Another highlight was “Shy” from Once Upon A Mattress, a song that was blissfully delivered, and full of octaves that would cause pain if sung just a little off-pitch. “A New World” from Songs for a New World was an adorable newcomer number, making everyone remember what it was like to be at Colby for the first time, sporting lanyards with keycards and learning how to balance a full backpack with stacks of notebooks in hand. “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago included a complicated and sexy dance number with chairs and fishnet stockings in addition to some crawling on stage, and ever present sass.

A huge nod goes to the fabulous seniors, never tiring of wearing crazy costumes, belting ABBA, and throwing a sassy duck face or occasional pelvic thrust when needed. The unparalleled senior directors, Olivia Gould ’16, Brendan Leonard ’16, and Carli Jaff ’16, also deserve major congratulations. Their enthusiasm and energy was infectious, seeping into the rest of the ensemble and making the numbers glow with excitement. For those who missed out, BMR’s spring show is a must-see.

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