BMR dazzles Colby with Broadway flair in fall show

This weekend, the only place you could find more sequins than the Kesha concert was at the fall performance of Colby’s Broadway Musical Revue (BMR). This student-led group is dedicated to performing the best songs from musicals with a signature dash of glitter and a load of humor.

“There are lots of serious performance groups on campus,but we are not one of them.  If you’re coming to BMR for perfect music, perfect dancing, and perfect acting, then you’re coming to the wrong place.  But if you’re coming for the fun, it’s the best place to find it.” said Joseph Malionek ’17, who has been a member for four years.

This year was just as entertaining as years past, as the four new directors, Katie Monteleone ’18, Ellie Geoghegan ’18, Sara Hoffman ’18, and Julia Warnock ’19, kept the group on track and sounding good. BMR again took the stage with their incredible energy, hilarious interpretations, sparkling costumes, and memorable belting. The Sutton Foster-heavy program was varied and entertaining, including selections from musicals as diverse as Anything Goes, In the Heights, and Shrek: The Musical.

Some highlights include “I Know It’s Today” from Shrek: The Musical and “Nothing” from A Chorus Line, both of which were serious but funny and looked into the mind of one character. BMR also wowed their audience by belting the stunning and emotional song “Breathe” from In The Heights. On a less serious note, BMR performed “Elephant Love Medley” from Moulin Rouge between two different couples,  who play the original love story with a very different interpretation unique to BMR.

BMR has some recurring numbers that it features in each show, such as the senior number, the directors’ number, and the sparkling outfit number. The one (mostly) serious song this year was the inspiring end of Act I, Carousel’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Another regular was a song between the two seniors, who chose the hysterical duet “Different As Can Be” from A Very Potter Musical. For the audience participation, two audience members were asked to go up on stage for “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid. Finally, the glittery opening of Act II was sung and danced with the help of copious sequins to “Anything Goes,” the title song to that musical. The show also featured BMR’s classic interludes of bizarre monologues, miniature tanks, and freestyle rap.

BMR took the audience on a journey through serious melodrama and lighthearted comedy, all the while singing, dancing, and acting to the best of Broadway (and beyond).

“BMR always puts on an entertaining show, and this time was no exception.In addition to enjoying some really fun songs, I was laughing the whole time,”  said Oriana Battifarano ’17.

Just as important, the cast of BMR enjoyed what they were doing onstage, despite the late rehearsals and short dinners that always seem to come with putting it all together. “I think that it went really well and everyone had a lot of fun, because the show was a little early in the semester, we were a little stressed during tech week, but as always, things really came together for the show!” said Malionek. As always, BMR was a joy to watch and a must-see. If you have yet to be dazzled by BMR’s energy and cheer, be sure to get a ticket for their show in the Spring!

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