BIPR report gives bias incident statistics

On Monday, November 16, the Bias Incident Prevention and Response Team (BIPR) released its report from September, October, and November. According to the email report, the BIPR Team’s efforts include “working with community members when reports are made, developing campus responses to incidents of bias and/or hate, facilitating dialogues and awareness opportunities, and informing the campus of bias incident reports.” Over the course of the first three months of the academic year, there were five incidents that were reported. The incidents consisted of offensive Halloween costumes, defacing of white boards, and direct verbal harassment of individuals.

To report a bias incident, students need to fill out the Bias Incident Report Form that can be found on the Colby website at On the form, students will have the choice whether or not they want to supply their contact information. If students choose not to, the only information that is retained will be the report itself.  Although within the form students are asked for their Colby user ID and password, ultimately that is used to make sure the reporter is a Colby student and, if they choose to remain anonymous, that will be left out within the final report.

The BIPR report is complied and released by a team of 13 individuals that includes bother students and faculty. The student members of the 2015-2016 team are: Ramon Arriaga ’16, Lucas Lam ’17, Myles Stephenson ’17, and Nadia Stovicek ’15. As for faculty members, the following individuals represent BIPR: Assistant Professor of Sociology Matthew E. Archibald, Adjunct Associate Professor of Athletics Tom Burton, and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Rebecca Conry. Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Tashia Bradley, Director of Recruitment and Equal Employment Opportunity Cora Clukey, Associate Director of Campus Life Faith Kagwa, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Barbara Moore, Director of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Program Emily Schusterbauer, and Senior Associate Dean of Students Jed Wartman represent College staff within BIPR.

Within BIPR’s email, they stated that, as a community, “When community members perform acts of bias and/or hate, members of our community are affected. If any of us enact bias or hate, we are unable to fully claim an inclusive community. We must work to make Colby a fully inclusive community where all people feel safe, valued, and have a sense of belonging.”
BIPR’s first report concluded with the statement that they “know the vast majority of Colby’s community members stand with us in condemning bias, hate, harassment, and violence, and we appreciate efforts to eradicate them at Colby.”

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